It’s that time of year once again, as game enthusiasts around the world look to Los Angeles for all the newest details and world exclusive reveals of their most coveted titles. One look at last year’s surprise reveals and announcements show that even with a laundry-list of flagship properties to show off, developers have just as many surprises in store. Not all of our E3 2011 dreams will come true, but we can certainly hope.

We’ve got you covered as far as the major publishers and triple-A franchises are concerned, but even with more than a few of the planned/confirmed E3 2011 announcements already highly anticipated by gamers everywhere, this is also the time when rumors heard over the past year have a chance of being proven true.

Having expectations blown away is what makes E3 the treat for gamers that it is, and the Game Rant crew has set down the ten (rumored) games that we’re most hoping to see announced at this year’s E3. We’ve got our reasons, and there’s a good chance you’ll agree that any of these games could come out of nowhere to steal a large amount of the buzz coming out of the show:

Rumored Games E3 2011 Super Smash Bros 4

Super Smash Bros. 4

The Super Smash Bros. series has been huge for Nintendo, and the last installment, Brawl was no exception, selling over 10 million units worldwide since its launch. A new Smash Bros. traditionally only launches once per console generation, and that’s why it’s easy to assume that the beloved franchise will follow suit with Super Smash Bros. 4 on Nintendo’s new console. Rumors of a possible Super Smash Bros. 4 reveal during Nintendo’s E3 conference aren’t exactly new, but a lot of self-proclaimed insiders are stating that we’ll get an official confirmation and more info on the next Smash Bros. in the next couple of weeks.

If the game is currently in development and ready to be revealed, then Nintendo could have a very prominent launch title on their hands for Project Cafe. Smash Bros. in HD and possessing enhanced online functionality sounds like a dream come true, but if Blu-ray discs are the format of choice (as it is currently rumored to be) then we are looking at something that can hold three times the amount of content as Brawl. If a console version isn’t currently in the cards this year then Smash could see a portable installment instead, which is something fans of the franchise have been asking for for years.

We know that a new Smash Bros. is inevitable, but the real question is will it be on the Wii 2 or 3DS, or both? Hopefully this question will be revealed in the coming weeks, but in the meantime hardcore fanboys of the franchise, such as myself have Brawl to keep us entertained while we wait for more new on Smash Bros. 4.

Rumored Games E3 2011 Pikmin 3

Pikmin 3

It’s been quite a while since we last saw Capt. Olimar and his merry band of Pikmin, and we’ve started to miss all of the little guys. The original Pikmin was a launch title on Nintendo’s GameCube and was given a warm reception by critics and fans alike. Fast-forward to the present date and the franchise has received only one sequel, a Wii-make, and a confirmed third title that is currently under development. The odd thing about Pikmin 3 is that it was confirmed nearly three years ago by Shigeru Miyamoto himself, but since 2008 we haven’t seen anything on the Pikmin front at all. Miyamoto has assured the masses that development on Pikmin 3 is “well under way”, so what could be responsible for the massive delay?

Other games could have taken priority over the title during the past three years, but odds are that Pikmin 3 has jumped ship to the Wii 2. Assuming that the game is as far in development as Miyamoto has claimed then it may be showcased at this year’s E3 as a Project Cafe launch title. The revamped Pikmin would look beautiful on an HD console, not to mention that the number of Pikmin and monsters that could appear on-screen at once could be increased substantially. Pikmin could also appear on the 3DS, which wouldn’t come as a surprise after Nintendo President Satoru Iwata stated that “Pikmin is perfect for 3D”.

We expect the long-anticipated Pikmin 3 to finally be revealed at E3, and whether it’s for the Wii 2, 3DS, or Wii we can’t help but think to ourselves that it’s about time.

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