Chances are you’ve heard this scenario before: a new game is announced at a big event like E3 or PAX. You’re told what the game will contain and you’re instantly excited. Time passes and more information is released, increasing your excitement, and fan theories stir the interest even more. Finally, perhaps after a delay or two, the game is released, but it ultimately fails to live up to your expectations.

This isn’t always the fault of the gamers setting high expectations, though. Sometimes the companies behind these games promise great things and just cannot/do not deliver. Other times, something goes wrong and the game isn’t as good as it could’ve been, or deadlines get out of control and a game is rushed out unfinished. For one reason or another, sometimes games just fall victim to hype.

Game Rant has come together to list 5 games that are prime examples of that overhype. Games that, either through the companies promoting them or the fans wanting them, were hyped as the next big thing and in some way, didn’t deliver or meet expectations.

Please note: just because a game didn’t deliver on everything it said it would doesn’t mean it was bad. A number of these games were still good, or at least decent. They just didn’t deliver of everything they were meant to.

#5. Crackdown 2

Crackdown was something of a surprise hit when it arrived on the Xbox 360. It had a hand in starting the “superhero sandbox” subgenre, which games like InFamous and Prototype expanded on, and garnered its fair share of fans. The success ensured that a sequel was on the way, eventually announced at E3 2009. The main focus of the promotion was that it would feature multiplayer, which was naturally appealing to those wanting to take down multi-million dollar crime syndicates with their buddies. About a year later, the game was released.

Crackdown 2

The problem with Crackdown 2 it was basically more of the same, but worse. Very little in terms of gameplay was changed and the game actually featured less variety than its predecessor. Players could be forgiven for thinking it was the same game, or at least part of the same game. The story of Crackdown 2 was cut down in comparison to the first Crackdown, which left some wondering why they were fighting the good fight, doing the same thing over and over again. This game did not deliver.

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