Top 10 Most Popular Mixer Streamers

Mixer's most famous streamer may be Ninja, after he announced he would be leaving Twitch to stream exclusively on Mixer. However, the Fortnite player with the multi-colored hair wasn't the first to join and several other streamers have been on there for a while, working to become one of the most popular streamers on Mixer.

10. PaladinsGame

Hi-Rez' hero shooter Paladins: Champions of the Realm may have been accused of being an Overwatch clone once, but the game has a large fanbase and 258,193 people follow the game's official channel on Mixer. The channel shows Paladins esports competitions.

While the game is entertaining, many Paladins fans watch the game's esports events on Mixer because they can get free skins this way. Buying Embers on Mixer also adds to the Mid-Season Invitational and World Championship prize pool, which is like how Valve does things with Dota 2's The International.

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9. QueenEliminator

QueenEliminator has been a Mixer streamer since 2017 and she now streams on there full-time. 275,162 people follow her on Mixer, making her the ninth most popular channel.

These followers tune in to watch the streamer make good on her name as she plays first person shooter games. Some of the games she streams are Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Call of Duty: Infinite WarfarePlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, and Fortnite.

8. Ampeterby7

Spanish Mixer streamer ampeterby7 has earned more than nine million views since signing up to the platform in September, 2017. He has 318,594 followers on Mixer, making him the eight most followed streamer.

Ampeterby7 streams games like Fortnite and Teamfight Tactics when he is online, but he doesn't stream often and his last stream was two months ago. The success of ampeterby7's channel comes from his strong following on YouTube, where he publishes Fortnite videos to an audience of more than four million subscribers.

7. Agustin51

Agustin51, who streams Fortnite, is another Mixer streamer who has found huge success despite not being a very active streamer. His last stream was two months ago, when he streamed 1vs1 matchups versus his subscribers.

The lack of activity hasn't stopped Agustin51 from getting 320,194 followers on Mixer, however. Many of these followers will have likely come from YouTube, where Agustin51 has 3.69 million subscribers.


Apex Legends streamer SIEFE has 338,753 followers on Mixer and was an original member of its community. That means that SIEFE was part of Beam before Microsoft bought the company and renamed it to Mixer.

The Mixer veteran knows how to work the crowd, as he offers viewers skillful Apex Legends plays and entertains them with dancealongs to Sir-Mix-A-Lot's Baby Got Back or just good conversation

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5. JaredFPS

With a name like JaredFPS, it's little surprise that this Mixer streamer mostly offers gameplay of shooter games such as Fortnite and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The streamer has been known to mix it up though, also playing games such as NBA 2K20.

JaredFPS has earned 381,164 followers on Mixer, making him the fifth most popular Mixer streamer. With streamer giveaways and a community Discord, JaredFPS' followers could potentially grow.

4. Xbox

As Mixer and Xbox are owned by Microsoft, it may not be a surprise to see the Xbox Mixer channel on this list, though it may be a surprise to see that it only has 491,384 followers. The Xbox Mixer channel shows streams from events such as its E3 2019 press conference as well as developer Q&As, giveaways, and special announcements too.

The Xbox channel on Mixer has 491,384 followers on Mixer but as Microsoft keeps promoting Mixer, this is one channel that will probably grow much more.

3. Ship

With entertaining Fortnite content and a name that's only four letters, Mixer streamer Ship is easy to remember and his name often comes up when people ask for new Mixer streamers to follow. 564,443 people follow Ship on Mixer, making him the third most followed Mixer streamer.

These thousands of followers tune in to watch Ship pull off incredible Fortnite moves. Ship holds the records for the most Fortnite wins on all platforms, he's #1 for solos on all platforms, #1 for solo kills on all platforms, and is #2 in overall wins and kills on all platforms.

2. TheGrefg

Incredibly, Spanish language streamer TheGrefg is the second most followed streamer on Mixer despite not having streamed for two months. Many of his 821,026 Mixer followers come because he has 11.2 million subscribers on YouTube.

On YouTube, TheGrefg posts daily videos of games like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, so expect to see these games being played when the streamer comes back online.

Ninja helps Fortnite streamers

1. Ninja

Fortnite streamer Ninja moved to Mixer from Twitch back in August and while he hasn't earned as many followers as he did on Twitch, he is the most popular Mixer streamer. 2,221,530 people follow Ninja on Mixer, which is far more than the second place Mixer streamer.

Ninja has also suggested that his followers could grow much more as more of his fans find out that he has moved to Mixer and sign up so that they can follow him.

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