Earlier this morning, Nintendo shocked the world by announcing the Nintendo 3DS, a successor to the hugely popular Nintendo DS system. All we know so far is that it will have 3D capabilities and an analogue stick — so apart from some very general hardware specifications, we know very little.

But what is a gaming platform without software to back it up? The PlayStation 2 became the best selling console of all time, not due to its graphical prowess or its beautiful design, but because of the plethora of titles that were available for the system.

Here at Game Rant, we’ve been thinking about the games that we really want to see land on the 3DS, and how they’ll work. So, without further ado;

1) A New 3D Mario Game

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Screenshot

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is coming out May 23rd, but that’s a Wii exclusive – What about the poor old 3DS? Heck, the DS hasn’t seen a 3D Mario title since Super Mario 64 was released back in 2005! Crazy thought: Nintendo re-released the first ‘3D’ Mario for the DS, could we see the first true 3D Mario on the 3DS?

Imagine Question Blocks floating in front of your face, with Mario having to jump out of the screen to hit them. Imagine being catapulted by one of the stars from Galaxy right out into ‘the real world’. Imagine the practical use of FLUDD – Just hover over your screens to clean Delfino Isle. Simple, right?

2) A return to classic Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong

I’m sure all of you know the original Donkey Kong arcade title – You played as Jumpman, attempting to save the beautiful Pauline from the evil Donkey Kong, via a series of climbing ladders and jumping over barrels. Thirty years ago, that was pretty cool stuff. If you were to walk into a publishing studio today and offer the same concept, they’d laugh in your face.

But what if the barrels were being thrown right at you? Forget jumping over 2D barrels – imagine having to jump out of the screen over 3D barrels! What if the ladders came out of one screen and into the other? The possibilities are endless.

3) Star Fox – Need I say more?

Star Fox

Star Fox is a well known and well loved franchise with millions of fans across the globe. Forget Star Fox: Command and Star Fox Adventures – Come on Nintendo, give us what we really want; A Star Fox game that flies you through space at breakneck speeds, with asteroids flying into your face left, right, and centre.

Perhaps you could even turn it around, Nintendo? Have the enemy hovering above your screen, with the player forced to shoot out into real space, attempting to take down the enemy ships. Just an idea, guys, check it out.

4) Professor Layton and the 3D Mind Benders

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box

Professor Layton games are pretty awesome. A perfect mix between fiendish puzzles and unique storytelling, it’s a game series that leaves you scratching your head, but with a grin on your face.

And that’s just in 2D. Imagine a Layton game with 3D puzzles – where not only did you have to think about space on a 2D plane, but had to consider a third dimension. To be quite honest, the 2D puzzles of Layton already hurt my head – I can’t bear to think what effect 3D puzzles will have!

5) Doctor, I think a dose of Trauma Centre is in order

Trauma Centre

Surgery is a dangerous business. One false move and someone could die.

So why not practice on your new Nintendo 3DS? Here at Game Rant, we believe that Trauma Centre is a perfect fit for the new handheld. With the added depth adding to an already fantastic experience, what could possibly go wrong? Apart from nicking an artery, of course.

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