Best Games of 2013

From beginning to end, 2013 was an exciting year for the video game industry. Unlike past years, 2013 was highlighted by the launch of two highly anticipated next-gen consoles, the PS4 and the Xbox One. However, although Sony and Microsoft’s latest home entertainment devices dominated the conversation, their lack of quality launch titles left us a little disappointed. Moreover, the transition between console generations resulted in a year with few first party exclusives, especially from Microsoft.

That said, there were still plenty of games worth playing this year, some familiar franchises but a healthy dose of new IPs as well. Indie games also saw further growth and acceptance among casual gamers, thanks to titles like The Swapper and Outlast (see our list of best indies of 2013). There were some good gaming experiences to be had, you just had to look a little harder this year.

Without further ado, here are our 10 favorite games of 2013.

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