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After the massive success of Pokemon GO, we couldn't help but brainstorm other properties that would make for fun augmented reality games. Here are our top 10 ideas.

Despite losing a significant number of players over the last few weeks, Pokemon GO continues to dominate the mobile gaming world. The augmented reality game landed developer Niantic over $200 million in the first month, and that number continues to grow.

Now that Niantic is on a roll with updating Pokemon GO and preparing additional new features for those still engaged in the mobile game, there are undoubtedly many eyes on the developer right now. With so much revenue generated in such a short time, and so many players anxious to get outside and try their hand at catching their favorite Pokemon, there are sure to be many follow-up games from both Niantic and other developers in the not-too-distant future.

With so much excitement over Pokemon GO and augmented reality mobile games, we at Game Rant put together our wishlist for properties we would love to see join Pokemon GO in the genre. Here are the top 10 augmented games we want to play.

10 Final Fantasy

It seems almost any RPG could be a good fit for an augmented reality game. Character leveling, item looting, and monster battles seem to fit well with the genre. However, with so many RPG properties to consider, it only makes sense to pick from the best, which is why Final Fantasy easily makes the list.

Since its inception in 1987, the Final Fantasy series has been the most dominant RPG franchises in the world. And with Final Fantasy 15 set to release later this year, its influence hasn’t waned. With console games spanning decades and mobile games already popular among Final Fantasy fans, there’s little doubt a Final Fantasy augmented reality game would be successful.

In a Final Fantasy augmented reality game, players could level their characters by collecting equipment and weapons, and mastering various spells and abilities. With the arsenal they build, players could take on monsters as they pop up around the world and even battle against other players or teams.

9 World of Warcraft

In the same vein as Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft’s position as the flagship MMO of this generation means Blizzard would have little trouble finding players for a World of Warcraft augmented reality game.

In fact, those who have played World of Warcraft are already familiar with the activities that would be required to progress in the augmented reality version of the franchise. Players would pick a character and class, and scour the world for treasures, weapons, gear, and battles. There is already a built-in competitive aspect with the Horde versus Alliance team setup.

To make World of Warcraft AR even more compelling, Blizzard could easily add rewards that AR players can use in the PC version of World of Warcraft. By traveling a certain distance, or finding hidden treasures, players could easily enhance their PC experience through World of Warcraft AR.

8 Angry Birds

Rovio Entertaiment has already showed its ability to turn a simple mobile game into a revenue empire. Angry Birds is far more than just a simple game. These days, it’s multiple mobile games with numerous pop culture licenses (e.g. Star Wars), a toy giant, and now a major motion picture.

Rovio has mastered the art of expanding a brand, so entering the augmented reality space wouldn’t be very difficult. The AR game could be very simple with players trekking around their communities collecting birds, then seeking out landmarks where they can knock down structures for points and bonuses.

To enhance the experience a little more, players could choose between the birds and the Bad Piggies. Those who choose to play as the Bad Piggies could focus their time on collecting building materials and crafting structures that the Angry Birds folks have to knock down. The bigger and sturdier the structures, the more points for the Bad Piggies and the more difficult for the Angry Birds to destroy.

7 The Sims

the sims augmented reality

Once again, this property lends itself well to augmented reality thanks to the nature of the franchise. Rather than worry about battles, The Sims augmented reality game would focus more on players getting out and visiting landmarks in their communities to collect virtual items to level up their characters and homes.

Each player could have a trophy board or special location within their real-life homes where they can store their virtual treasures. Photos, videos, selfies, and more could be shared online, with players trading, selling, buying, and discussing the great finds they made around town.

6 Watch Dogs

watch dogs augmented reality

Those who played 2014’s Watch Dogs will immediately understand why the franchise made this list. The whole premise of the game is the ability to tap into the inner workings of technology with only a super smartphone.

While Watch Dogs AR players wouldn’t have the exact same abilities as Aiden Pearce in Watch Dogs – such as controlling heavy equipment or blowing up manholes – there could still be a great opportunity here for an augmented reality mobile game. Players could travel around their communities searching for hidden secrets, completing puzzles, hacking other players and locations, and staking their claim as the best hackers around.

Admittedly, Niantic’s other augmented reality game, Ingress, is very similar to this idea, but didn’t catch on as well as the developer may have hoped. With a few tweaks to the gameplay and a new Watch Dogs centric theme, the updated hacking-style AR game could be quite popular among gamers.

5 Kingdom Hearts

kingdom hearts augmented reality

Kingdom Hearts is one of the most beloved and unique RPG games available. With the game’s compelling gameplay and fun-loving characters, an augmented reality version of the franchise would be a sure-fire hit with gamers of all ages and interests.

Kingdom Hearts AR could task players with collecting key blades and unlocking keyholes around their communities. Those keyholes could open up a new world of lore for Kingdom Hearts fans, and provide fun, unique rewards for players to enjoy. Additionally, players could battle heartless to build their characters and collect key blades, and could enjoy the company of famous Disney and Square Enix characters.

To make the character experience more enjoyable, there could be a character selfie feature implemented where players turn on the front-facing camera and capture a shot of themselves with their favorite characters.

4 Fallout

Who wouldn’t love the opportunity to experience Fallout in real life, albeit without the actual nuclear fallout? The popular RPG could offer a compelling story alongside the AR experience for players.

Fallout AR players would be tasked with traversing their communities in search for weapons and weapons parts to build the most bad ass, powerful weapons available. Using those weapons, they could fulfill quests given by in-game characters to take down enemies in various real-life locations. These locations could be determined similar to Pokemon GO’s Pokestops and gyms.

As players collect gear and defeat enemies, their characters would progress and would be rewarded with new weapons, gear, ammo, and quest opportunities.

3 Walking Dead

walking dead augmented reality

There’s only one word needed to make a Walking Dead augmented reality game an immediate hit: zombies. Seriously, who wouldn’t love the opportunity to take down hordes of the undead in their communities?

Players could scour their communities for unique and helpful weapons and gear, which they could then use to defeat zombies. As an added feature, players who are unable to defeat zombies in a particular location may need to run or walk for a certain distance to get away from the advancing dead.

Considering the splintering that takes place among people and communities when the dead walk again and come for blood, the faction aspect of a Walking Dead AR game would be easily implemented. Players could create their own groups, or search for groups in their communities. Once affiliated, players could take on each other, as well as the zombie hordes, in an effort to build the strongest arsenal of weapons for defending themselves and their pals.

2 Ghostbusters

Despite the rocky start of this year’s Ghostbusters reboot, the franchise is still incredibly popular among people of all ages. And the idea of capturing and defeating ghosts in our homes, places of work, and neighborhoods is awfully compelling.

The gameplay would be fairly straightforward. Players would collect materials and gear needed to capture ghosts, then go on the hunt for the ghouls. Like Pokemon GO, players could use certain features or abilities like Incense to draw in or search out ghosts. From there, they could sell their ghosts or put them up for viewing and amusement. But be careful, because if players aren’t careful their ghosts may escape and once again terrorize the people in their communities.

1 Uncharted

Unsurprisingly, the property that takes the final spot of this list is a series dedicated to searching out the greatest treasures in the world. An Uncharted augmented reality game would be focused heavily on players seeking out the greatest virtual gems, jewels, riches, and other valuables available.

As players collect their treasures, they will be able to show them off to other players or sell them in order to buy better treasure hunting equipment and features. Additionally, players could solve puzzles in order to search out hidden maps and secrets that could send them on adventurous scavenger hunts. Players could even create their own scavenger hunts for other players to follow.

Naturally, to expand on the competitive nature of the game, players would be tasked with choosing a faction, and work to give their team the greatest riches and best treasure-seeking opportunities available.

Now that Pokemon GO has proved people are willing to head outside and engage in augmented reality games – and even spend millions of real world cash on the experience, it won’t be long before other developers, and even Niantic, build additional AR games. Hopefully, games will be built around the properties above, and others that could fit well with the genre.

What do you think of our list? Are there any properties you would like to see made into augmented reality mobile games? Share your ideas with us in the comments.

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