‘Tony Hawk’s Shred Session’ Free-to-Play Mobile Title Detailed

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We’ll admit that when Tony Hawk first teased that a new skateboarding game was in development, we got excited. For as much as the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater brand had dropped off in later titles, the prospect of a next-gen Tony Hawk was intriguing. Unfortunately, what we had hoped the game would be, and what it actually was, were not one in the same.

Instead, Hawk and Co. were busy at work on Tony Hawk’s Shred Session, a free-to-play mobile title in the vein of Temple Run or any number of endless runners out there. Curious gamers can check out Shred Session in action in the video above, but don’t expect for an entirely clear picture of the game.

Based on the video, a few things seem clear. Tony Hawk’s Shred Session combines the endless running (or in this case skating) mechanics seen in dozens of mobile titles with a unique, touch-based tricks system. As players advance down what seems like a number of different levels, with a handful of playable skaters, they will be able to complete various tricks by either swiping or swiping and holding on their mobile device.

Tony Hawks Shred Session Details

As far as mobile titles go, Shred Session also seems to boast a surprisingly robust selection of modes and levels. It’s unclear whether gamers will have to pay real money or in-game currency to unlock those other modes and levels, though, but at the very least it appears Tony Hawk’s Shred Session will have more depth than your average endless runner.

So, while it may not be the next-gen Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater we hoped for, there is some potential in the Shred Session concept. Sure, it borrows heavily from many of the mobile titles already on the market, but by putting its own skateboarding-focused twists on those concepts the game could be worth a casual play session while on the go. Or maybe it will be one of the thousands of mobile titles out there that you play for a couple minutes and then never touch again. We’ll find out soon.

What do you think of Tony Hawk’s Shred Session? Does it seem like a mobile title you might be interested in?

Tony Hawk’s Shred Session releases for iOS this summer.

Source: TouchArcade