Tony Hawk Announces New PS4 Game at CES 2015

Tony Hawk Game Announced for PS4

Tony Hawk may no longer be the best skateboarder on the planet (still debatable), but he has proven himself a man of his word. As promised, Tony Hawk revealed a new game for release in 2015 and also detailed plans to big the game to PS4.

Tony Hawk took the stage during Sony's CES 2015 keynote address to reveal that a new game is in development. He also helped the company test out some of their forthcoming tech, like the new 4K camera, but the focus for most was on that tease.

Unfortunately, the birdman didn't have much to say beyond that, merely that this game is further along in development than he originally thought. That's a good sign as it suggests the game (hopefully) wasn't a rush job and that Hawk has been involved enough in the game to see its various stages.

However, without a title it's hard to say whether this forthcoming game will live up to gamers' hopes for a new Tony Hawk Pro Skater. It's been several years – more than a decade really – since there was a good Tony Hawk game, but this current-gen release could final live up to that.

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Then again, we've seen several Tony Hawk releases in the past few years that showed potential, like Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD, but ultimately fell flat. And don't even mention Tony Hawk Shred Session, the poorly received mobile title.

In fact, up until this revelation from Hawk most feared that we were in store for another Shred Session situation. Hawk had revealed that a new console game was in development, sure, but he hadn't said much more than that.

Now, we know that, at the very least, the game is coming to modern consoles, but in what form is entirely unclear. We don't even know whether the game will be a retail release or downloadable title, or whether or not it will be a PS4 exclusive. It seems likely that the game would also launch on Xbox One, but since Hawk was at a Sony event he only mentioned PS4.

For now it's a waiting game, as players speculate about what this next Tony Hawk game might be. The tease is out, and now everyone looks to E3 2015 for a potential reveal.

What are you hopes for this current-gen Tony Hawk release? Do you think it will be a new Pro Skater?


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