Tony Hawk Set to Unveil New Game at Spike Video Game Awards

Tony Hawk Set to Unveil New Game at VGAs

In the world of alternative sports games there are only a few names that gamers recognize -- with the king of them all being either EA’s SSX or Activision’s Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. While one of those franchises was revealed during last year’s ceremony (and underwent a significant overhaul post-announcement), the Hawkman’s series has been MIA for a little over a year.

Thankfully, or unthankfully depending on your opinion of the property’s decline over the years, it looks like gamers might be seeing the unveiling of a new entry in the Tony Hawk series, and it might be very soon.

On Twitter Hawk revealed that he would be unveiling a new "something" on the same day as the VGAs. For those who might think that this is simply a coincidence, Hawk added that it, in fact, is not — leading us to believe that Hawk will be unveiling a new game during the ceremony.

"I'll be announcing the upcoming release of something new on Sat; the same day as the Spike Video Game Awards. Coincidence? I think not."

Now, whether or not this will be the next entry in the Tony Hawk skating franchise is unclear, but our money’s on it being just that. After taking a brief, one-year hiatus it would make sense for Tony Hawk to return with something to siphon off of the growing enthusiasm for Electronic Arts’ SSX.

While there are still a lot of gamers who became jaded with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and its many iterations, there’s still a nostalgia for the series that will never go away. And, with Tony's biggest competitor, SKATE, nowhere to be found, perhaps there are skateboarding enthusiasts just itching for a new game.

There’s also still no guarantee that Tony Hawk’s announcement will be skateboarding related, so hold out for all possibilities, despite our “betting.” The festivities will begin December 10th on Spike TV, where this new game and hopefully a whole slew of new and established IPs will make their debut.

Would you like to see Tony Hawk unveil a new Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater during the VGAs? Do you think that there has been enough time in between the franchise’s last lackluster iteration and now?

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