‘Tony Hawk 5’ Teases Continue With Create-a-Skater ‘Video’

By | 2 years ago 

Between 1999 and 2007, the Tony Hawk skateboarding series was one of the most popular game franchises around. The games let people ollie, flip, grab, and grind to their heart’s content and they were also credited for skateboarding’s huge popularity boom at the beginning of the century.

But the popularity of the Tony Hawk games decreased significantly with the release of of Tony Hawk: Ride in 2009 and Shred in 2010. Instead of the normal button presses that TH fans were used to, Ride and Shred came with plastic skateboard peripherals that players had to pretend to ride, with the controllers using infra-red sensors to display the actions on screen. However, these controls were frustrating and the peripherals were also expensive, and as a result the Tony Hawk franchise was put on hold.

The series was revived in 2014 with Tony Hawk: Shred Sessions but this was only on mobile. However, fans hopeful for a full console revival were given a reason to get excited earlier this year when Tony confirmed that a new Tony Hawk game will be arriving on PS4 (and presumably Xbox and PC) in 2015. And after an Instagram post by his caterer suggested that the next game may be called Tony Hawk 5 (which Activision says is a working title), the skateboarding legend himself has also gotten in on the teaser fun.

In an Instagram video we see skateboarder Rob Wootton recreate the infamous ‘create a skater’ feature of previous TH games. Just like in the games, viewers see Rob change his clothing, his board and make gestures at the camera. Those who played Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 will also notice that Guerrilla Radio by Rage Against the Machine (which featured on the THPS2 soundtrack) is playing the background.

As the skater has referenced THPS2 multiple times when talking about the upcoming Tony Hawk title, it seems likely that the new game will be heavily inspired by that PS2-era classic. In THPS2, players skated around completing tasks for money which could then be spent on skill improvements, better tricks, and new skateboards. There’s a lot of potential for a game like that on PC and current-gen platforms as the game could presumably feature multiplayer challenges that offer players higher rewards when going up against tougher, online opponents.

Unfortunately, this is all speculation for now as the name and the create a skater feature are the only things that have seemingly been confirmed. That said, it seems highly unlikely that Tony and Activision will be bringing back the skateboard controller for Tony Hawk 5 as Shred and Ride were the worst selling games in the series.

Source: Tony Hawk on Instagram