At this year’s E3 we got to see the first full trailer of upcoming Tomb Raider reboot. Even though it didn’t have present any gameplay footage, it clearly stated the direction Crystal Dynamics  and Square Enix were taking the series. In it we saw a much younger and vulnerable Lara Croft as she embarks on an adventure of a lifetime. Below we have the making-of video for the ‘Turning Point’ trailer, which displays the thought process the developers had as they created a new chapter in this long running franchise.

Gamers have been raiding tombs with Lara Croft for 15 years. Tomb Raider laid the groundwork for every 3D adventure title to come after it, and our beloved Uncharted has a lot to owe to this franchise. While Lara is responsible for changing the game, the old girl began to show her age as we moved into the HD consoles. Other titles such as Prince of Persia came along and left Tomb Raider in the dust – Lara needed a change.

The problem become something Crystal Dynamics had to face when taking over the franchise in 2006. The developer breathed new life into the series and has continued making quality TR titles ever since. In the video below, you’ll hear from Crystal Dynamics Global Brand Director, Karl Stewart, as well as other members of the team as they talk about their work on the “Turning Point” trailer.

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The in-house studio at Square Enix, Visual Works, was chosen to make the trailer, and after watching, it’s clear why. The studio is know for its stunning work on the Final Fantasy series and it was definitely the best choice to bring forth the vision Crystal Dynamics had for the project.

While some may point fingers at the developers and criticize them for borrowing too heavily from Uncharted, they can’t deny that Tomb Raider looks amazing (and that it came first). Judging from the past work from Crystal Dynamics (check our Tomb Raider Trilogy review), we know that this latest title in the series is going to be awesome.

Tomb Raider is expected to launch in the Fall 2012 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.