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In preparation for her reintroduction to the gaming public at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, more commonly known as E3 2012, Square Enix has released a brief teaser trailer for Tomb Raider, their gritty reboot of the popular adventure game. As has been shown before, this version of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider is stripped of all the bells and whistles, and is all about survival.

Unfortunately, along with that grittier vision for Croft came a whole lot of screaming, and way too many quick-time events. The hope is that with a delay into 2013, and a chance to wow gamers at this year’s event, Crystal Dynamics won’t falter again.

Based on the brief teaser it does seem like Tomb Raider is taking quite a few pages out of Nathan Drake’s playbook, but that feels only fair since Naughty Dog’s franchise is definitely inspired by Tomb Raider. The dynamic climbing and traversal gives the sense that this is Lara Croft struggling to survive, with less of an emphasis (so far) on any sort of shooting mechanics or treasure hunting.

Unfortunately the trailer is merely a teaser for a longer trailer, titled Crossroads, which will be releasing on Game Trailers TV next Thursday. Teasers for trailers aren’t exactly the most exciting, but when it’s been so long since we’ve seen anything from a game it’s good to be reminded that it still exists.

Tomb Raider Crossroads Teaser Trailer

And then hopefully at E3, Crystal Dynamics┬ácan show us something a little more compelling than the scripted, linear preview they prepared for last year’s event. There’s no doubt that fans would love to get back into the world of Tomb Raider, and the idea of a shipwrecked Lara Croft fighting to survive sounds awesome, but gamers have yet to find their “hook.”

Do you think that when Square Enix shows more of Tomb Raider that we will see a markedly different game? What mechanics/features do you feel are the most important to the Tomb Raider experience?

Source: Game Trailers