The good people at Crystal Dynamics seem to have let some information slip about an experience system of some kind in the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot. The news comes from an Australia’s Official Playstation Magazine piece where they noticed a power symbol flash underneath Lara’s health bar. In explaining that the power symbol might just be a placeholder, the people at Crystal Dynamics also let it slip that there might be an experience bar in the game too.

While gaining experience points might be a new feature to Tomb Raider games, it is one that could really make sense in a series reboot. More and more games are blurring the lines between action and RPG and the Tomb Raider reboot could be just the latest example. Combining action and experience is certainly nothing new, as Call of Duty has been doing this regularly in multiplayer since Modern Warfare.

The thought of leveling up or gaining more experience that can be used for certain skills or traits could work well in a Tomb Raider reboot single-player adventure too. With the game featuring a younger Lara, it could make a lot of sense that she would gain more experience and abilities over the course of the game. It could also be cool to see experience points make the game more dynamic.

For example, some players could explore and climb more, thus making their character able to climb some walls and cliffs that others cannot. This player could then pass levels by exploring areas and climbing over obsticles. Gamers that used their guns more could perhaps level Lara up to using dual-guns. Or maybe players that spent more time exploring and uncovering secret pathways would then gain the ability to have even more secrets highlighted a little in each level.

Keep in mind an experience bar may not make it into the final game and these examples are just guesses. Hopefully more information about the next Tomb Raider will be revealed at E3. Until then, let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

Do you want to see an experience bar and experience points in Tomb Raider?

Source: Australia’s Official Playstation Magazine (via Random Prod Inc)