10 Tomb Raider Cosplays That Are Unreal

There are few female video game leads as influential and intelligent as the Lara Croft. She is one of the few characters who has excelled in both video games and movies. Using wit, she can solve the most complex problems, allowing her to progress through tombs and in turn, save the day.

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Cosplay is an art form practiced around the world. Although the term "cosplay" was coined in Japan, the art originated in North America, starting in the late 1930s. The following cosplays are some of the best Lara Croft cosplays we've seen thus far. These are 10 Tomb Raider cosplays that are unreal.

10 Rockin' The Rise Of The Tomb Raider Getup

Rise of the Tomb Raider's improvements to Square Enix's Tomb Raider series made it so much better. Graphically, it was a vast improvement, and more intricate puzzles kept players engaged. This nod to Rise of the Tomb Raider deserves its place in the cosplay world.

Putting together the tattered outfit in combination with detailed makeup must have taken quite some time. Hopefully, she is holding a prop gun and not a loaded firearm! Thank you, Naomi Kyle, for this Rise of the Tomb Raider cosplay!

9 Tomb Raider Throwback

This cosplay by Valkyrja Cosplay is totally awesome. For having the full gear, including the holstered weapon and a bow, this cosplay is a knockout. Sometimes going the extra mile to get the most detailed cosplay pays off.

In this case, we can say it did. She's wearing the classic Tomb Raider outfit from Tomb Raider (1996). This cosplay is a nostalgic throwback to the early days of Tomb Raider when we didn't have Uncharted or many other games to compete.

8 Tomb Raider Getting Wet

Tombs are typically underground and may contain remnants thousands of years old. Because of the amount of geologic activity a tomb may receive, they can be filled with water.

We see tombs filled with water in many of the Tomb Raider games. Swimming through water is a significant part of the series. This cosplay artist shows what it is like to have the Tomb Raider covered in water. At least someone captured the image of Tomb Raider in water. Thanks illyne from DeviantArt and for this cosplay.

7 Are You A Tomb Raider Legend?

Having a strong lead in a video game is important to its success. Lara Croft is a strong female lead who is one of video games' most recognizable characters. Without a doubt, this Tomb Raider outfit is modeled after the one from Tomb Raider Legend. In Tomb Raider Legend, Lara wears an all-brown outfit and carries dual pistols.

If you haven't had a chance, you can't miss Tomb Raider Legend. It released in 2006 for the Nintendo GameCube as well as several other platforms. Our thanks go to Cristoph Gerlach for this gorgeous cosplay.

6 “Everything Lost Is Meant To Be Found.” -Lara Croft

She wears the original Tomb Raider outfit and rocks it. She is carrying a pistol and some type of heavy firearm. Perhaps a sub-machine gun of some sort. It isn't unusual for the Tomb Raider to use a variety of weapons to accomplish goals.

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Of course, some of the feats Tomb Raider accomplishes are only possible in fictional works such as films and video games. Thanks to this anonymous cosplayer for this totally awesome Tomb Raider cosplay.

5 The Boots Seem To Work Well With This Outfit

Simple, sexy, and effective. Sometimes less is more, and this stunning outfit is a top-notch Tomb Raider cosplay. Gloves with finger slots are subtle details that the Tomb Raider commonly wears. Cosplay outfits are becoming more and more detailed, and this can be credited to the dedication of cosplay artists.

Thanks, Reddit user Crims0nButterfly for this immaculate Tomb Raider outfit. It's not that often one gets the pleasure of seeing a cosplay outfit that works so well.

4 Wow! Tomb Raider Action Pose

Preparing to fire a bow, this action pose makes this cosplayer deserving of bonus points. One might ask when a competition started? The answer is that there is always competition when it comes to cosplay. Like in the video games they are based on, people are continually competing to be the best.

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This outfit is one of the most effective because of its action pose and similarity to the games. Judging by the snow, it appears as if this unnamed cosplayer is trying to model after the Tomb Raider from Rise of the Tomb Raider. Thanks, Pinterest user Sergio for uploading this photo!

3 Kim Kardashian Or Lara Croft?

This nod to the original Tomb Raider outfit is simplistic but effective. She may look more like Kim Kardashian than the Tomb Raider, but the outfit has a high degree of similarity to the original Tomb Raider. The only detail that is slightly off is the glasses. Tomb Raider is rarely known to wear glasses let alone a red-colored pair.

Tomb Raider is known, however, to have leg holsters and dual weapons with a blue top and brown shorts. The type of gloves cosplayer Cristina Vee is wearing is also reminiscent of the original Tomb Raider.

2 "There Are No Heroes Here. Only Survivors." - Lara Croft

Without a doubt, this cosplayer is trying to copy the outfit from Rise of the Tomb Raider. This cosplay photo wasn't taken in snowy conditions like in the game, yet we love it anyway. The scarf is one detail that is spot on. Do you think this outfit is an accurate Rise of the Tomb Raider cosplay?

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Take a look at the original outfit by clicking here.  Thanks, Deviant Art user Eleonora-Croft for this stunning Rise of the Tomb Raider outfit. We can tell that a tremendous amount of effort and time went into ensuring it was accurate.

1 Supreme Detail And Accuracy

And so we come to the final Tomb Raider cosplay photo. This classic Tomb Raider outfit could be the most realistic. This outfit appeared in Square Enix's Tomb Raider (2013).

The costume may be more constricting than some of Tomb Raider's earlier outfits, but it will help to protect from scrapes and lacerations. This outfit is a knockout and accomplishes what it sets out to do. Thanks, Twitter user @WittAnnika for providing this breathtaking Tomb Raider cosplay.

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