Tomb Raider Collection Outed By Amazon?

Lara Croft may be about to endure another reboot but that hasn't stopped Square-Enix from putting together a trilogy package containing her three most recent outings for the PlayStation 3.

Originally listed by Amazon, The Tomb Raider Collection looks set to continue the recent trend on PlayStation 3 by re-releasing games in a collection optimized for the console. The game is currently listed for release by the website on March 22, 2011. According to the description, the collection will follow similar re-releases like The Sly Collection and Uncharted Collection by offering a number of exclusive PSN features. These include trophy support, exclusive backgrounds and other features which work in PlayStation Home.

The website description lists the most recent trilogy of Lara Croft's adventures in the package. If true, this will mark the first time that that some of these games have been released onto Sony's PlayStation 3 and the first time the games have been released in any sort of compilation. The description also indicates the games will be situated onto one Blu-ray disk.

Tomb Raider: Legend was originally released in 2006 and was the first Lara Croft game to be developed by Crystal Dynamics. The game introduced a number of new features and gameplay mechanics that became staple in the franchise such as flash lights, PDA and in-game communications with Lara's team of assistants back at her mansion as well as gorgeous high definition graphics. The game was well-received and aided in rejuvenating Lara's lagging fortunes.

Tomb Raider: Anniversary was a special re-make of the original Tomb Raider game and was released in 2007. Using the same engine as Legend, the game introduced many of Legends game play mechanics while maintaining the classic levels and story from the original. The last of the trio, Tomb Raider: Underworld, is the latest Tomb Raider game in the series, concluding the trilogy and completing the story arc of the series. The game was the last to be developed by Crystal Dynamics and featured more expansive environments along with the return of classic underwater combat from earlier Tomb Raider games. Anyone of these games alone would be a great experience, all three on one Blu-ray disk will surely be a must have for fans of the franchise who missed out on earlier games, if the collection is officially coming.

If true, it's good to see Square-Enix not ignoring the more recent entries in the franchise. Crystal Dynamics recaptured some of the magic of the Tomb Raider series with Tomb Raider: Legend and managed to bring the franchise into the next generation in a way that made Lara relevant to the gaming scene. Since then, games such as Naughty DogsUncharted have arrived on the scene and successfully challenged Tomb Raider's supremacy of the raiding scene.

As Game Rant announced recently, Lara Croft is set to undergo a radical reboot which will be removed from this trilogy and will see gaming's leading heroine return in a "back to basics" approach to tomb raiding.

Will you pick up this collection on the PlayStation 3? What other collections would you like to see re-released onto the PlayStation 3?

Amazon have listed March 22, 2011 as the release date onto the PlayStation 3.


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