In celebration of the holidays and one year anniversary of the Rainbow Six Siege launch, Ubisoft announces special challenges and rewards running from December 20 to January 3.

The first year of life for Rainbow Six Siege has been a very successful one for Ubisoft. Thanks to strong continued sales due in large part to well timed downloadable content releases and balancing efforts, the game recently announced a second year of content with four additional content packs for 2017. Before the year closes out, Ubisoft has one more surprise for fans in the form of new challenges and unique rewards to unlock.

In celebration of both the holidays and the one year anniversary of the release of Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft launched special in-game challenges which in tern unlock unique rewards. The news post on the official Rainbow Six Siege site reveals what players need to do in order to unlock specific rewards.

  • The Christmas challenge kicked off yesterday and features a handful of special Christmas inspired charms and weapon patterns. Ten kills with a gadget or melee will earn an Invisible Hat Charm, while 20 kills will unlock the Kapkan Santa Charm. Complete 30 kills with either a gadget or melee before these challenges expire on December 27 and players will earn the Nutcracker Weapon Pattern.
  • The New Year’s Eve challenge kicks off next week on December 27 and tasks players with earning a match MVP with over 4000 score. Doing that will unlock the disco ball charm.
  • Next up are the Rainbow Six Anniversary Challenges. The first has already started and requires that players win 10 rounds as any operator from the French GIGN unit to win Twitch’s shock drone charm. Next week switches things up by requiring that players win 10 rounds as any operator from the FBI SWAT unit. Doing so unlocks Castle’s Icon charm.

Did someone say Kapkan Santa charm?
— Rainbow Six Siege (@Rainbow6Game) December 21, 2016

The promotion has already begun, with each new week adding news challenge and rewards to earn. Players have until January 3, 2017 to participate in this holiday event.

Rainbow Six Siege also just recently released a pretty large update known as the Mid-Season Reinforcements patch. In addition to a number of bug fixes and balance updates, a number of characters are getting tweaked including the fan favorite Spetsnaz operator Tachanka, who is getting a 500 HP shield added to his turret. In addition, Ubisoft is finally adding the Bartlett University map, which was previously only seen in the last Operations mission.

Interestingly enough, Ubisoft may have intentionally hinted at one of the upcoming Spanish operators in the patch notes as well. In a short story blurb explaining the Tachanka buff, the text makes a passing reference to an engineer known as Elena “Mira” Alvarez Del Manzano along with an image of her in the accompanying artwork. In Spanish, Mira means scope, so it’s possible that players may have another long distance specialist if Del Manzano is indeed added in the first expansion in 2017.

Will you be logging on to try and claim some of these special rewards?

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.