Fans Threaten to Boycott Toyko Mirage Sessions Switch Port Due to Censorship

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Nintendo seems like it's on a mission to bring every Wii U exclusive game to the Switch. The latest Wii U exclusive to get a switch port is Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore, which is an enhanced version of Tokyo Mirage Session #FE that's due out in January 2020. Nintendo revealed the game during its September 4 Nintendo Direct presentation, but it has already drummed up controversy over "censorship" claims that plagued the original release as well.

As some may recall, the western release of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE was censored compared to the Japanese version. This included things like making certain costumes less revealing, changing the ages of young characters who were sexualized, changing dialogue, not releasing the Hot Springs scenario, and more. According to reports, these changes were made because of Nintendo, the game's publisher, as opposed to the staff that developed it at Atlus. Eventually, fans released a patch that reversed the censored content.

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As one might have expected, it seems as though the Switch version of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE will also be censored, just like the original release. While this censored content really doesn't impact the gameplay in any significant way (and we should note that its Nintendo censoring itself as opposed to an outside entity forcing it to change the game), some fans are still upset about it and have said that they won't purchase the game as a result.

Of course, we should note that the extent of the game's censorship isn't known. The trailer revealed did seem to indicate that it will still be censored in a manner exactly like the Wii U version, but that hasn't been confirmed or denied by Nintendo or Atlus at the time of this writing. It's possible that this version of the game will include the Hot Springs DLC, which has never released in the west, but that's also unknown.

What we do know about Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore is that the Fire Emblem/Shin Megami Tensei crossover game will include some brand new content for fans to sink their teeth into. This includes new playable characters, new story missions, new songs, and more. Whether or not that's enough to convince those boycotting the game to change their mind remains to be seen.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore launches on the Nintendo Switch on January 17, 2020.

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