Tokyo Game Show 2010 Boasts More Products Than Ever Before

Some very interesting new figures have been revealed about the upcoming Tokyo Game Show, set to open for business on the 16th and 17th of September and later open for the public on the 18th and 19th. The product numbers for the different types of games that will be shown are daunting compared to last year, jumping from last year's 456 products to this year's 630. But some of the genre numbers are a little disappointing.

That might just be me however, and other gamers may be pleased with it. Here, take a look for yourself:

  • Action Games: 115 last year, 102 this year
  • RPGs: 52 last year, 26 this year
  • Simulation: 22 last year, 25 this year
  • Puzzle: 59 last year, 18 this year
  • Adventure: 13 last year, 12 this year
  • Shooting: 10 last year, 19 this year
  • Sports: 15 last year, 4 this year
  • Racing: 8 last year, 8 this year
  • Development Tool: 31 last year, 33 this year
  • Peripherals: 28 last year, 157 this year
  • Others: 103 last year, 226 this year

I don't know what kind of games you are hoping to see, but I was sure disappointed that the RPG level was cut in half whereas the shooter games are going up by almost double. All I can hope is that the RPGs are only falling in number because they are having more time put into them and richer stories developed. However, when you look at the 'peripherals' section of the board it has jumped by over 550%! Kinect and PlayStation Move are making their mark already I suspect. But then there is also the last category which has also more than doubled its numbers, the 'other' category.

This category of game is what is really grabbing my attention right now. Because "other" could mean anything. Which means that I could be getting my hopes up for something awesome and be let down by it, or maybe the other category is going to hold some amazing new ideas that the gaming world has never before seen. Either way, in the midst of all these new products there has to be a few diamonds in the rough. The Tokyo Game Show is going to be a hit this year for sure!

We already know that publishers will be showcasing upcoming major titles including Front Mission Evolved, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and Fallout: New Vegas so stay tuned into Game Rant during the event.

Let us know what kinds of games you were hoping to see, are you disappointed or pleased with the numbers?

Source: Siliconera

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