ToeJam & Earl Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

ToeJam and Earl Coming to Nintendo Switch

When it comes to the revival of ToeJam & Earl, things have been admittedly quiet lately. Recently, game designer Greg Johnson announced that ToeJam & Earl would eventually be coming to the Nintendo Switch alongside its official confirmation at the Nindies, and fans travelling to PAX East this weekend have also had a chance to try out the game in person.

The studio also confirmed that other console announcements would be coming soon, so those still waiting for PS4 or Xbox One confirmations should get a definitive (and likely positive) answer soon.

Greg admitted that he wasn't supposed to give anything away, but the fact that he stated, "We're just giving the Switch its moment in the sun to shine," and that the studio would "be announcing other consoles soon" seems to be a good indicator that ToeJam & Earl will soon be confirmed for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This would potential make it one of the first new games available across all current generation platforms.

Gamers unfamiliar with the roguelike title can take a look at Adult Swim's teaser for the upcoming series revival below:

The fourth iteration of the retro series will bring a total of nine playable characters to the table, and will feature everything from rhythmic mini-games to Beat Battles, where gamers can compose their own beats and attempt to get their own groove to reign supreme. In ToeJam & Earl, players don the role of two delightfully funky aliens as they explore Earth. The studio is aiming to incorporate 4 player co-op, and the game will also provide split-screen gameplay - an option that is becoming increasingly rare these days.

In a blog post from late February, Greg stated that the team behind ToeJam & Earl is currently working on fine-tuning the ending of the game and fixing networking issues. The studio is still planning to get an early version of the game out for its Kickstarter backers, so those who couldn't travel to PAX East can still provide feedback on the team's pre-release progress.

While the long-elusive confirmation for Microsoft and Sony consoles still isn't here, it seems like the official confirmation isn't far away. In the meantime, Nintendo Switch owners can celebrate another creative title heading to the portable platform.

ToeJam & Earl is expected to release later this year for PC, Mac, Linux, Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Kickstarter

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