Spawn Creator Todd McFarlane Talks New Spawn Game

todd mcfarlane talks spawn video game

Creator Todd McFarlane has been in a long battle to get Spawn back in the public eye. It's been sixteen years since Spawn has had an original game, and fans want to know more.

In a recent interview with, James Viscardi took no time asking when the next Spawn video game would be. "You know how the world works, Jim," said McFarlane, "Spawn comes out, comic book starts going, I can get that movie off the ground whatever."

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Todd McFarlane has been in the game since the mid 80's working for Marvel and DC. He's most known for his artistry on the Amazing Spider-Man comic series. His work launched his notoriety in the comic book space and he became a well known staple at Marvel. Deciding he'd take his graphic sensibilities elsewhere, McFarlane moved over to Image where he created the Spawn series. The comic quickly became a popular selling nearly two million copies in it's first print. Spawn had a brief cross over series with DC's Batman that prompted a loose partnership with Warner Brothers.

todd mcfarlane talks spawn video game

Spawn has appeared in five of his own self-titled games ranging form the SNES to the Playstation 2. There hasn't been a Spawn game since 2003. Apart from Spawn: Armageddon, the character has only made appearances in fighting games like Soulcalibur and the most recent DLC of Mortal Kombat 11Now the fans want to know if or when they'll see more original content.

In response to how the video game would ever be made, Todd responded, "...The answer to me will be that somebody will knock on my door and give me the opportunity." The comic book series just recently celebrated its three hundredth issue which might be the catalyst to set McFarlane's Spawn plans in motion. McFarlane further alludes that as soon as certain pieces are in place all of the content the fans have been vying for for years will fall into place.

It's hard to say what precisely those pieces will be, but it's likely getting the movie reboot off the ground.  After more than 25 years of comic book back story, and writing and directing his own reboot, Todd may just want to make sure his baby is in the right hands.

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