Toby Gard: Final Entry in the 'Tomb Raider' 15-Year Anniversary Art Exhibit

Tomb Raider 15th Anniversary Art Exhibition

All good things must come to an end. Through the month of October, Crystal Dynamics has celebrated the 15-year anniversary of Tomb Raider with an art exhibit showcasing incredible work influenced by the new version of Lara Croft - found in the newest trailer that came out at E3 2011.

The exhibit has come to a close with the addition of Toby Gard, the eighth entry to the gallery, who designed the original Tomb Raider back in 1995 - along with its heroine Lara Croft.

This 15-year anniversary celebration art exhibit opened with an illustration from Andy Park, whose work has inspired the newest personification of Lara for the Tomb Raider reboot. Two more artists were added, Long Vo and Camilla d'errico, with comic/manga styles that offer a different take on the character. A simplistic addition by Brenoch Adams was the fourth piece added to the group. Brian Horton and Randy Green followed adding their own unique flare to the tomb raiding vixen - and earlier this week, Jonathan Jacques-Belletête, graced the exhibit with a piece that stood a part from the rest of the gallery - with his interesting take on the yet to be told story.

After leaving Core Design, Gard ran the development studio Confounding Factor until he returned to the Tomb Raider franchise as a consultant for TR: Legend. He has worked as the cinematics director for TR: Anniversary and TR: Underworld.

The original designer couldn't have done it any better. Here's how he approached his piece of work:

“I think the key thing about the new Lara that Crystal is creating is how much more human she is. I wanted to capture fear and vulnerability but in a way that expresses her ability to overcome both her internal and external difficulties.

I'm a sucker for bows, and I wanted to represent her as an almost mythical figure, like some injured Ronin against a harsh but beautiful world.

I'm a game designer and animator by trade, who just does a bit of art on the side, so knew I couldn't possibly stack up with the accomplished artists who have gone before me by trying to render the image realistically. I chose to go the natural media route and used Painter 12 to imitate an ink wash/watercolor look getting a lot of texture but with little detail.”

Take a gander at Toby Gard's East-influenced piece dedicated to Lara Croft, "Kyudo" (click the image to enlarge):

Toby Gard Kyudo Tomb Raider Art Exhibit

Now that the 15-year celebration art exhibition is complete which artist and piece of work was your favorite?

Also, don't forget, the fun doesn't end with the art gallery, as The Nerd Machine is gearing up with a limited supply of T-shirts and posters that will be available to purchase - with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Child’s Play charity.

Tomb Raider is scheduled to release in Fall of 2012 on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.


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