The entire team for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows has finally been assembled, with the last to join the party being the ever-fearless leader, Leonardo. Activision and Red Fly have given us the final piece of the four-brother-puzzle, which provides a complete glimpse of the different fighting styles each will bring to the table. As long as those tables are in the sewer.

It should be appealing to both fans of the various comics, movies and shows as well as fans of brawler-style games in general that developer Red Fly Studios has made a point of taking note of each character’s unique personality. By doing this, they have created what appears to be some fairly distinct fighting styles for each character.

For example, the above trailer shows off Leonardo’s discipline and practice with a move set that oozes finesse and skill. However, viewing the Raphael trailer shows a much more intensely brutal form of hand-to-hand combat. The weight behind Raphael’s moves is evident each time ones land. Conversely, Michaelangelo’s style, while also up close and personal, is far more bouncy and acrobatic, a clear reflection of the laid-back party attitude that embodies the character.

TMNT Out of the Shadows Leonardo

A benefit of this approach for fans of the action-brawler genre is that distinctly different styles can lead to multiple playthroughs due to the different experiences given while inhabiting the various characters. It also gives the player the chance to experiment and find out which style they like the best, so they will know which character to utilize during co-op play. It’s been mentioned before that the combat is pulling a few tricks out of the Batman: Arkham series playbook, and once again in this Leonardo trailer, that seems to be the case. Porting that style of fighting over to the Turtles should be a pretty smooth translation considering the similarities in hand-to-hand, and even weaponized, combat.

While Out of the Shadows has been given a vague “Summer 2013” launch window, it is now being confirmed as  part of the Xbox Live Arcade’s Summer of Arcade 2013 promotion. And though gamers may not know too much about this particular turtle outing, knowing that past Summer of Arcade promotions have yielded such greats as Bastion, Dust: An Elysian Tail, and Limbo, it’s easy to stay hopeful that TMNT: Out of the Shadows will be a high quality release.

Have these trailers featuring Leo, Mikey, Raph and Don’s latest outing gotten you excited enough to make it a day one download? Does the nostalgia factor already have you shoving quarters into your console in the hopes that it will somehow download earlier or faster? Or does your general skepticism for licensed games–not to mention Red Fly’s previous work on Thor: God of Thunder–put you in the hater category until you’ve given it a try?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows will be available for download this summer on XBLA, PSN and PC.