EA Confirms ‘Titanfall’ Will Never Come To PS4

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If one thing is becoming increasingly clear, it’s that Microsoft is betting big on exclusive franchises to come out on top of the next wave of console wars. With Titanfall stealing the company’s press conference – and for many, the show as a whole – the fact that game was only announced for Xbox consoles and the PC was hard to miss.

But if any PlayStation 4 fans were hoping to one day see Titanfall come to their consoles, even if it was long after Microsoft had made the most of the game, that ended today as publisher EA confirmed that the multiplayer shooter would never – ever – be coming to the PS4.

The mech/pilot shooter already bore a large weight on its shoulders, coming from the minds behind Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in their new form at Respawn Entertainment. EA has made no secret of their wish to give CoD a beating, with Respawn long believed to be the team most likely to accomplish the task; yet another reason why limiting the game to specific consoles seemed unlikely.

Nevertheless, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen confirmed during an EA financial call that “in the case of Titanfall, it’s a brand new IP and it’s exclusive only for the life of the title on Xbox One and Xbox 360 and PC.”

Titanfall Gamescom Trailer

With the emphasis on next-gen processing power and multiplayer networks, no one was surprised to hear that the Nintendo Wii U would be passed by, but for Sony to be left out in the cold, Microsoft has clearly made it worth EA’s while to retain an exclusive console release. We already know the company is spending $1 billion on exclusives, and few have garnered as much attention as Titanfall‘s high-octane multiplayer combat. And if EA is setting its sights on Call of Duty, then prioritizing the PC and Xbox versions – and counting on the extra marketing that comes with exclusivity – makes perfect sense.

So unless consumers own a gaming PC, Xbox 360 or an Xbox One – although the developers have admitted that the Xbox 360 version of the game is being developed separately – they’ll be out of luck come March (and for eternity afterwards). If players want to get their hands on the truest version of the game, then the Xbox One and PC are the only solution.

For what it’s worth, creative director Vince Zampella took to Twitter following EA’s call, voicing some disappointment that PS4 owners won’t be invited to the party:

What do you make of the exclusivity? Does this confirmation come as no surprise, or were you hoping to see a PlayStation version launched years down the line? Sound off in the comments.


Titanfall launches in spring 2014 on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

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Source: Joystiq