‘Titanfall’ For Xbox 360 Developed By Bluepoint Games

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Regardless of how satisfied owners of next-gen consoles may be with their respective launch line-ups, gamers everywhere are holding their breath in anticipation of Titanfall. Forgetting the fact that the multiplayer shooter is the new creation of the minds behind the Modern Warfare brand, it also happens to be one of the first undisputed next-gen blockbusters set to release.

But in the excitement, there’s a good chance that many consumers have overlooked the fact that Respawn Entertainment, the creators of this Mech-filled monster, will only be developing the game for Xbox One and the PC. Fears can subside, as the developer announced today that Bluepoint Games would be the team entrusted the the Xbox 360 adaptation, and few studios have more experience when it comes to preserving beloved titles.

It’s no mystery why Respawn, Microsoft or EA were downplaying the difference in developer, since its placement as one of the most coveted (and marketed) next-gen titles wouldn’t be helped by emphasizing that it would be coming to Xbox 360 as well. And when Respawn is already struggling to show how much of a shift in game design Titanfall represents in its marketing, sending the message that it’s “still an Xbox 360 game” would only further confuse.

Titanfall Xbox 360 Version Blue Point

Given the emphasis on the Xbox One’s cloud computing in making Titanfall‘s mech combat and AI run efficiently, it was a foregone conclusion that the Xbox 360 version would be significantly different. The developers eventually admitted as much, but have offered no more details on just how the game experience will differ. Those questions remains as important as ever, but the team being handed the task of capturing the game’s spirit is used to the challenge.

Respawn boss Vince Zampella took to Twitter to make the official announcement (shortly after confirming that Titanfall will have an open beta this February), explaining that the Xbox 360 version of the game was being developed by Bluepoint Games, the studio most well-known for its ‘HD Collections,’ most notably Metal Gear Solid HD and Ico & Shadow of the Colossus.

Besides having handled the ports of PlayStation favorites like God of War and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale for the Vita, Blue Point has already acquired some experience with next-gen hardware, having adapted the indie classic Flower to the PlayStation 4. It’s worth pointing out that a majority of Blue Point’s work has involved PlayStation exclusives; an interesting twist given EA’s commitment that Titanfall will never release on the PS4.

Bluepoint isn’t particularly experienced at adapting first-person shooters, but they’ve shown a knack for keeping existing visions intact. Hardware limitations of the Xbox 360 will likely have a greater say in what aspects of Titanfall can and can’t be carried over, but there’s no question that this announcement is good news for Xbox 360 owners looking to pilot a Titan of their own.

Which system will you be playing Titanfall on? Will you dive into next-gen when the game arrives, or wait for the time when its sequels come to the PS4? Sound off in the comments.


Titanfall launches in spring 2014 on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

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