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Now that next and current-generation players can all enjoy Titanfall, following the launch of the game on Xbox 360, attention now turns to what Respawn Entertainment has planned post-release. Ever since the game first debuted in Public Beta form, the studio has been hard at work stamping out bugs and high-profile glitches, balancing weapon damage and XP rewards, as well as streamlining user interface features. While certain changes have been controversial (especially adjustments to Hardpoint Domination scoring), Respawn has significantly improved the overall Titanfall experience.

Without a doubt, there are still a number of issues with the current build as well as a laundry list of adjustments that fans are hoping to see implemented but, one month after release, the team is starting to see enough breathing room to address development of new content. Earlier this week, we received new information on the first Titanfall DLC Map Pack and now Respawn is detailing a comprehensive update plan that includes both free and paid-for content.

The update comes in the form of an official post from Game Director, Steve Fukuda, at the Titanfall blog. In the post Fukuda expands on previously hinted at additions and lays out Respawn’s post-launch plan – which offers a mix of ongoing “improvements” (balancing and bug fixing), “convenience features” (UI updates), “infrastructural features” (new modes), and fresh content (Titan “Nose Art”).

You can check out the full breakdown of upcoming adjustments and planned features in Fukuda’s posting but, in the interest of time, we’ve highlighted the most interesting aspects below:


  • This is all about the core health of the game.
  • Our ongoing improvements to matchmaking also fall into this group.

Convenience Features:

  • These are not huge infrastructural pieces, but they will make your life more pleasant in Titanfall, and they tend to be related to things you use or do repeatedly.
  • The next update will bring more convenience features such as: the ability to rename your custom loadouts and to make custom loadouts specific to each game mode, a way to filter your Challenges by criteria such as ‘closest to complete’, and displaying the final scoreboard from your previous match in the Last Game Summary so you can review the scores at your leisure in the lobby.

Infrastructural Features:

  • Whenever possible, we want to get these kinds of features out early in beta form, in order to get your feedback and arrive at the best possible result through multiple iterations.
  • In future updates, we’ll be bringing you the first wave of custom Private Match options, allowing you to personally tweak your Private Match experience in a variety of ways.
  • Competition-oriented and what we call ‘competitive spirit’ features also fall into this category.

New Content:

  • Some of the new content we are developing for future updates include a new Burn Card set, and Titan “Nose Art” Insignias that you can use to customize the identity of your Titan.
  • We are also developing new game modes and game mode variants.

The post goes on to suggest that any updates and new content will be entirely free to the Titanfall player community –  with the exception of DLC map packs. Details are still scarce on the recently announced Expedition Map Pack, which is set to debut three new maps (Swampland, Runoff, and War Games) for an expected price point of $9.99 – or as one of three pieces of DLC in the $24.99 season pass).

Titanfall Expedition DLC Details

That said, looking over the list of upcoming “free” features, it appears that frugal Titanfall players are still on track for some intriguing additions down the line. A lack of new titan models has been a sore spot for gamers that had expected more variety in the title’s titular mechs but inclusion of customizable “Nose Art” should be a fun compromise. Nose Art isn’t going to sate the desire for drastically different titans (which the team is likely saving for the inevitable Titanfall 2) but should help players feel like their personal titan isn’t cut from the exact same mold as other mechs on the map. Fukuda doesn’t indicate the extent of Nose Art customization, or how obvious the decals will be in-game, but we can expect to hear more details whenever the team is ready to actually implement the feature.

In-depth Private match customization is another oft-requested feature set and Respawn has been working hard to include robust options for non-public match-ups. What the studio considers a “variety of ways” is anyone’s guess at this point but, given the over-the-top multiplayer experience of Titanfall, it’s safe to assume there will be a few unconventional options thrown in to go along with standard Call of Duty-like elections.

Titanfall Improved Matchmaking

Even though the latest update from Respawn is short on concrete details, it reveals an extensive plan for Titanfall support that should be encouraging to gamers who assumed that the studio would double-down on expensive DLC map packs instead of refining the core experience. No doubt, those willing to purchase Map Packs will be treated to some intriguing new locales in the coming months – but it’s great to hear that casual players who might not have the money for DLC will also be given some exciting reasons to prepare for more Titanfall.

We’ll keep you up to date as further official information is revealed regarding future content (both free and paid).


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Titanfall is now available for the PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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