‘Titanfall’ Update 8 Will Include Ranked Play, Deadly Ground Mode, & More

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In addition to an exciting new mode, which we now know is a 4-player cooperative mode called Frontier Defense, Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment promised that significant changes were coming to their game. Today they have confirmed those changes, which will be part of update #8.

Obviously, the Frontier Defense mode is the main selling point of the free update, but there are some important tweaks and improvements in the pipeline as well. Many of these changes will also increase players’ incentive to come back to Titanfall, which at 7-months-old could be looking for ways to keep players interested.

For example, the update will include Ranked Play, first in beta and then for the general public. Players ranked Gen 10 will receive beta invites soon and then Ranked Play (for all modes) will open up to players ranked level 32 or higher. Ranked Play will also reset on the 1st of every month.

Respawn Entertainment is also adding Map Stars to Titanfall that will give players objectives to complete within each map and game mode. These Map Stars will then be used as currency for new Titan Insignias, valued at 30 stars each.

Titanfall Stryder Fights

Other, smaller changes for the update include new Titan OS voices (available on the Black Market), forged certifications that will help players bypass Regen challenges, Sudden Death in Capture the Flag, 17 new achievements, and a toggle to pull up a full screen minimap. But that’s not all, here’s a full list of general fixes coming with the next update:

Black Market Prices
Some item prices have been adjusted to align better with the rate at which people earn Credits.

Marked For Death
During the countdown, the player who will be marked is highlighted to his friendly teammates by an in-world icon and a minimap icon.

When you become the marked player, you now gain full minimap vision. (Previously, it gave you minimap vision of all players, but not AI). We’ve added a visual callout for this in the form of a bonus Burn Card indicator.

Rematch Burn Card
This is now disabled for use in Last Titan Standing.
Decreased the amount of time between using the card and respawning.

Weapon Burn Card Cancelled
The “Burn Card Cancelled” message has been modified to indicate if the killed player was actively wielding an amped weapon at the time of their death.

Burn Card Overflow Protection
You will no longer earn Burn Cards from kills if your total deck size has fewer than 16 free slots. You will still earn Burn Cards for all other activities such as completing challenges or successfully evacuating. This is to protect against excessive Burn Card overflow.

Voice Over
Toned down frequency of VO that tells you if the score lead has increased or decreased.

Minimap Alert
Shots fired without silencers will now make you appear on the minimap of all enemy players. Previously this was only up to a distance of 4000 units.

Bug Fixes (All Platforms)

Fixed artifacts due to interactions between Titan shields and particles.
Made challenge descriptions easier to read in the challenges menu.
Fixed some missing or incorrect data in the last game summary menu after playing in a private match

Fix unsilenced Smart Pistols never showing up on the minimap.
Fixed a bug where the Extra Dash Burn Card could remove the Big Punch mod from Titans.
Fixed a bug where Gen10 players using Roll the Dice with a full Burn Card deck could overflow their available space.
Fixed minor variance in Titan shield regeneration time.
Fixed a bug where you could change your Titan’s loadout in the middle of its life, if your Pilot had just respawned.
Fixed a few cases where Titans could fly further than expected.
Fix view pop when rodeo-ing a Titan that then gets embarked.
Fixed a rare case where a neck snap might not neck snap.
Fixed getting under the map in Nexus due to nuclear eject.
Fixed rodeo animations getting cancelled suddenly due to a player embarking into his Titan.
Fixed Titan warnings for incoming hostile Titanfall and getting rodeoed not playing sometimes.
Fixed timer-to-next-Titan sometimes not displaying after respawning.
Fixed cases of missing attacker kill credit. When a Pilot suicides, if enemy player damaged them recently, that player now gets kill credit.

Fixed refractive effects in VDU.
Fixed menu navigation issues when level 50 in the challenges menu
The next map images in lobbies will properly clear when going in between menus.
Fixed a bug where your loadouts would look unchanged after editing a custom loadout.

Frame hitch when Pilot connects or disconnects.

Bug Fixes (X1)
Fixed hitch when connecting to server.
Fixed hitch when other players connect or disconnect.

Respawn also teased a few changes a little further down the road, like Deadly Ground, a mode that covers the ground in deadly electrified fog that will go live on November 5th. Then, on November 26th, Titanfall will roll out a Pro version of Marked for Death that brings back the intensity of round-based play.

Overall, this latest Titanfall update sounds pretty comprehensive, but it’s unclear whether it will bring players back into the fold. Rather it sounds like new content for loyal players. No doubt there are still gamers logging regular hours in the battlefields of Titanfall, but plenty fell off the horse shortly after launch. Frontier Defense sounds cool, but it’s certainly not the single player mode gamers were hoping for. New content is great, but Respawn could be fighting a losing battle here.

What do you think of the new Titanfall update? What holds the most interest for you?

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