Titanfall, the multiplayer mech-based shooter from Respawn Entertainment, may not be for everyone’s tastes, but it’s hard to argue with the developer’s dedication to new content. The game’s final map pack was revealed at EA’s Gamescom 2014 press conference. The pack, titled IMC Rising, will be released later this Fall, and was accompanied by an amazing live-action short.

Not all of the additional content for Titanfall is DLC, though. Although there are plenty of packs for players to open up their wallets for, such as July’s Frontier’s Edge content, Respawn Entertainment has also been providing Titanfall owners with a variety of free updates to the title, bringing in additional content and fixing bugs. The fifth update brought with it an in-game currency and Black Market, and now players will be treated to a sixth.

The latest update for Titanfall has now been announced on Titanfall.com. With it comes a brand new featured game mode. Titled Pilot Skirmish, the game is a simple 8 vs. 8 match. That’s not the only difference in the mode, however. Pilot Skirmish will contain no AI and no Titans. A word to players, however – since the game mode has a difference in player size in comparison to modes, Pilot Skirmish will not be among those played when choosing the Variety Pack playlist.

Titanfall 2 May Feature Single Player

Meanwhile, there is good news for fans of the Marked For Death game mode. It was added to the title in Titanfall’s June update, and is a 6v6 battle where one player from each team is marked as a target. Apparently Marked For Death has become more popular than Respawn expected. Initially it was going to be rotated with other game modes, but due to its “enduring popularity” the mode is now a permanent feature. Players will now be able to choose a Marked For Death playlist, and there will be custom Marked For Death loadouts to unlock.

Those are not the only changes in this most recent update. There are added options for colorblind Titan pilots, whilst the Burn Card features have have been changed. The Black Market will now sell a limited and ever-changing stock of individual Burn Cards, and the new card – called Roll The Dice – will give players the ability to tap their entire deck from inside the match. Titanfall owners will also be able to use an auto-fill option to to automatically fill empty Burn Card slots. The option is available in the Burn Card menu.

Joining a game late is no longer penalized, either. If a match is over the half-way point and you join the losing team, a loss will not be counted on your game record. However, if you win the game it will still count as a victory. Respawn has also added a message to players, warning them that an early exit from a match in progress will result in a lost game on their record.

In spite of these updates, and the upcoming release of the IMC Rising DLC, fans have still been speculating on just how a Titanfall sequel will look.  Job listings on the Respawn website asked for designers with experience working on third person titles, causing rumors that Titanfall 2 could be set to become a third person exploration game. However true that turns out to be, Respawn will be hoping that this most recent update keeps players occupied with Titanfall for some time yet.

Source: Titanfall.com