New 'Titanfall' Trailer Features New Map, New Mode, & More Mechs

Titanfall Gamescom Trailer


At E3 2013, few games garnered as much attention as Respawn Entertainment's new multiplayer focused shooter Titanfall. While the game's core concepts are very familiar, the game took almost all who saw it by surprise and won dozens of E3 awards in the process.

Now on display at Gamescom 2013, Titanfall is hoping to duplicate that success with a new gameplay demo that features a new map and a new mode. Check out the trailer above.

The first thing gamers should notice while watching the trailer is how varied the experiences are between the titan and the pilot. While the titans might seem like they would be overpowered, the mobility of the pilots makes them just as formidable. It's been a delicate balancing act for Respawn, making sure the titans can't outright dominate the pilots, and the demos shown thus far illustrate that.

This particular trailer features a new map called Angel City and a new mode called Attrition. From what we can gather it seems like Attrition is Titanfall's version of Team Deathmatch, with the losing team having to extract to safety. Unfortunately, Electronic Arts didn't provide any details on the Attrition Mode, but it will be playable on the Gamescom 2013 show floor.

Titanfall Gamescom Trailer

While we can't be sure in regards to this either, the demo also appears to feature a new titan design — this one slightly different from the titan featured on the game's box art and in the first E3 trailer. Aside from that, though, the titan combat appears relatively unchanged. Respawn has teased that new titan options will be available in the game, along with different weapon options, but right now they seem to be focusing on introducing the core combat mechanics in Titanfall.

On that front, the game still looks like a ton of fun, if a bit chaotic. And we have to say that the game's titular "titanfall," in which the player's titan plummets out of the sky, is a really cool effect.

Titanfall caught our eye back at E3 2013, and our anticipation for the game hasn't changed one bit since. The game is easily one of the more attractive Xbox One exclusives, and ranks very high among all next-gen titles. We can't wait to see and learn more.

What do you think of the latest Titanfall trailer? Where does this game rank on your list of must-have next-gen titles?

Titanfall is targeting a Q1 2014 release on the Xbox One, PC, and Xbox 360.

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