‘Titanfall’ Tips, Tricks & Breaking Those Bad Habits

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It’s still early in the year, meaning there’s a significant lull in the video game release calendar but taking the industry by storm this week is the hotly anticipated open beta for Titanfall, the first product from Respawn Entertainment that comes exclusively to Microsoft platforms (PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One). Our man Anthony Taormina got hands-on with the game last week and detailed the new Burn Cards feature, previewed the game and answered our own Titanfall questions.

Now with beta codes being sent out to many gamers who signed up for a PC of Xbox One code, the gloves are off and we can freely talk about our thoughts and experiences, and more importantly, offer some tips to newcomers or players finding the unique first-person shooter challenging. Microsoft has some notes that may help you out.

Titanfall is a first-person shooter in two different ways. There’s of course the infantry part, augmented by jetpacks and vertically-designed levels that make stairs obsolete, and windows and ledges attractive stepping stones, and there’s the other bigger part of the game – playing first-person inside of the Titan mechs themselves. The video up top, narrated by developers at Respawn may help players change they way they think in approaching different environmental obstacles and combat scenarios.

Titanfall Tips and Tricks

Below is a list of “old habits” that FPS players will need to drop or grow out of to succeed in Titanfall:

  1. Don’t be a one-man wolfpack – Charging in will get you killed and you need to work as a team.
  2. Get. Up. – Running around on the ground will get you killed. Use verticality.
  3. Don’t be a human turret. – Move and fire. Always change you position after getting a few shots in.
  4. Don’t bring a gun to a really-big-gunfight. – Infantry weapons are ineffective against Titans. Don’t waste your time. Switch to your anti-Titan weapons or avoid.
  5. Stairs? You’ve got a jetpack! – Wall-run, double-jump and climb over the ledge or through the window. Stairs are slow and useless.
  6. No camping. – You won’t get as many points and you’ll be an easy target if trying to camp. Get up in the air and into the fight to help your team succeed.

Read the full details with developer quotes/explanations here. Here’s my first experience with the game last night.


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Titanfall releases March 11, 2014 for the PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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