‘Titanfall’ Pre-Loading Option Surfaces Then Disappears

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With so many exciting releases slated for launch in the coming months, it can be hard to determine what is and isn’t deserving of the hype. Following what many would call a very positive beta experienceTitanfall is undoubtedly at the head of the pack for many people. With all that anticipation also comes the yearning to play the game as quickly as possible upon its release. This is where the pre-loading of games comes in.

Being such a high-profile title, many had assumed that Microsoft would offer Titanfall users the option of installing the game’s files to their devices. This method of early distribution is widely used on the Steam platform and has since become somewhat of an expectation in the digital distribution age. Sadly for Xbox One users though, Microsoft has officially announced that the game will not be available for pre-loading for those using the new console.

This comes following a report on Polygon stating that a page had gone live on Xbox.com that presented users with the instructions for how to pre-load Titanfall on the Xbox One. Soon after though, the page was taken down. In a statement to Polygon, a Microsoft representative stated:

“We believe in digital distribution, and are proud to give gamers a variety of ways to purchase and experience their games. However, pre-purchase and pre-download for Titanfall for Xbox One will not be available from Xbox Store. We’ll continue to strike a balance between digital distribution and its benefits, while supporting physical games purchase through our retail partners.”

“The pre-purchase offer page was posted in error. We apologize for any confusion.”

According to the Microsoft representative, the page that went live on Xbox.com was simply an error and that they do not have any intentions of allowing gamers to download the game before its release. This begs the question though of why the erroneous page in question exists in the first place. While it is entirely possible that the idea of pre-loading had been in the works and then later scrapped, this could at least lend hope to the possibilities of pre-loading titles on the Xbox One in the future. For PC users though, this whole ordeal is a moot point as the game will be available to pre-load through EA’s Origin service.

Regardless, for those that had been anticipating a quick and easy solution to getting their hands on the game at launch on the Xbox One, this will no doubt come as a slight blow. With the recent rumor that Titanfall will include a form of prestige mode and the news that the multiplayer will still feel very much like a campaign, the good definitely out-weighs the bad with Titanfall shaping up to be a massive release.

Were you looking forward to pre-loading the game on your Xbox One? Do you think pre-loading will become an essential aspect of the digital distribution market?


Titanfall is prepared to drop March 11, 2014 for the PC and Xbox One and March 25, 2014 for the Xbox 360.

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Source: Polygon