‘Titanfall’ Update Adds Private Matches, More Color-Coding, and Balance Changes

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When Respawn Entertainment‘s highly anticipated mech vs. human shooter Titanfall first launched it was an impressive step forward for online multiplayer, albeit with a lot of familiar trappings. However, while the game did tick a lot of the same boxes that other triple-A shooters do, it also had a few glaring omissions on the feature side of things.

Luckily, multiplayer shooters are always changing, gaining new features and receiving balance changes through updates. Titanfall has already seen a few of these, but the most substantial of the game’s updates has just recently hit for all next-gen platforms (i.e. PC and Xbox One).

First and foremost, this Titanfall update finally adds a Private Match feature to the game, something we have been requesting since launch. Private Matches can be staged across all maps, with any number of players, and they are still hosted on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud servers. One key difference, though, is that a Private Match does not feed back into the player’s progression. In other words, players will not gain any XP, challenge progress, or achievements thanks to Private Match accomplishments.

Customization options for Private Matches unfortunately did not make the cut in this new update either, but Respawn promises they are on the way. According to the Titanfall dev, players will eventually be able to tweak parameters like round time, score limits, and more in Private Matches.

The update also adds color-coding to allow players to more easily recognize friendly combatants. Now, any members of a player’s party will be denoted with a green color in all facets of the game. As well, auto-Titans will carry a gold color so players always know where their friendly robot is.

Titanfall Review - Pilot Movement

All told, the Titanfall update introduces a lot of small tweaks to the game in the hopes of making things fair and balanced. Weapons like the Titan Quad Rocket and 40mm Rifle have been balanced to make them either less or more powerful, respectively, and scoring changes have been implemented to reward capturing over defending in Hardpoint Domination.

And finally, the update adds a bunch of bug fixes to both the PC and Xbox One platforms. Read a full of list of them below:

BUG FIXES (All Platforms)

– Fixed an issue where a Titan firing ordnance would not show on the minimap correctly.
– Fixed a rare bug with Pilot health pools that would make them virtually invincible.
– Fixed rare cases where Titans could be called in through solid geometry.
– Titan shields now protect friendly rodeo players from explosion damage (such as from an Arc Cannon).
– Fixed a case where a Pilot could embark a Titan through walls.
– Spitfire LMG and XO-16 firing sounds will no longer sometimes cut off before the gun is finished firing.
– The Archer now locks onto the top of a heavy turret rather than the base of the turret.
– The Archer’s rockets now home in on Titans correctly when those targets are kneeling.
– Fixed shadows incorrectly shimmering on a particular area of Lagoon.
– Fixed Satchel Charges and Particle Walls causing pilots to permanently rodeo other pilots.
– Fixed certain characters not rendering properly in French and other languages.
– Fixed an issue where “Initializing…” would be displayed if a server wasn’t found.
– Fixed being unable to scroll to the top of the datacenter list after scrolling down.
– Greatly reduced the bandwidth used when connecting to a server. People who previously could not progress past the load-screen when connecting to servers should be able to play now.
– Grunts now show up on the minimap when they shoot.


– Fixed issues with Asian fonts.
– ‘-nojoy’ command-line parameter now disables gamepad input.
– All anti-aliasing modes should now properly be displayed in the video settings menu.
– Fixed graphics corruption and some GPU underutilization for SLI and Crossfire configurations.
– Fixed a crash in the options menu when toggling between Low and Medium shadows.
– Mouse buttons can now be used for voice chat in lobbies.
– Titanfall will no longer override your Windows microphone volume setting when it is launched.
– Fixed the Smart Pistol reticle so it scales properly based on the Field of View setting.
– Fixed crashes on machines with 32 or more cores.

BUG FIXES (Xbox One)

– Fixed a rare full-screen blue/red flash.
– Audio should no longer overlap after going to the Xbox dashboard and back into Titanfall.
– Fixed a crash when saying “Xbox go back” on certain menus.

In addition to this latest update, Respawn has also revealed what areas may get some attention in the next patch. They cite custom loadout slots, enhanced interaction with challenges, and new scoreboard icons as three of the main changes, but those are merely the fixes they are willing to talk about right now.

What do you think of the latest Titanfall update? Are there any areas or features you think need addressing in a future update?

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