Titanfall Headed to Origin Access Soon

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Best-selling FPS Titanfall is making its way to the Origin Access Vault, allowing PC users to join their Xbox One counterparts in playing the game for free.

Publisher EA has announced that the PC version of Titanfall will soon be added to the Origin Access Vault, allowing subscribers the opportunity to download and play the title free of charge.

Titanfall will be joining other popular EA games such as Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, Battlefield Hardline, and Dragon Age: Inquisition in the Vault which all Origin Access members are granted access to, along with new game trials and discounts on Origin purchases. The Xbox One version of Titanfall has been available to download from the vault since last year but this is the first chance that PC gamers have had to get their hands on the game for free.

Titanfall Titanbrawl

Last year, developer Respawn Entertainment announced that Titanfall, the company's first ever game, had surpassed 10 million sales worldwide. EA also took the time to announce that the title was the best-selling new IP for the Xbox One which, at the time, was suffering from a lack of a strong line-up. Now, besides the development of the sequel, the team behind Titanfall are apparently working on another new game, though little has been announced about it at present.

The 2014 title was met with strong reviews upon release, with many critics praising its use of new movement options, as well as the balance between titans and humans. Now two years later, the servers have dried up considerably but perhaps the game's addition to the Origin Vault will breathe a fresh breath of life into the title as we wait for Titanfall 2, which is now being advertised at GameStop and is heavily rumored to release later this year.

While there has been no official announcement for the sequel, it is definitely in the works, alongside its own TV series if Respawn Entertainment has anything to say about it. Titanfall 2 will also feature a single player campaign as opposed to the first title's reliance on multiplayer to tell the story. This is something that a lot of players wanted to see added to Titanfall and is sure to be well received. Another EA title, Star Wars Battlefront, also recently received complains about a lack of single player, including one from Episode 7's Finn himself.

Despite a dwindling user base, Titanfall was still a hugely successful title for EA and the sequel, if done correctly, is sure to surpass it in every regard. Now it's just a matter of waiting for the official announcement.

Titanfall is available now for Xbox One and PC.

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