‘Titanfall’ Update Adds Brand New Game Modes

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Titanfall, the mech-based multiplayer FPS from Respawn Entertainment sold well when it launched on PC and Xbox consoles, and the EA-published title found plenty of love from gamers and critics alike around its launch. It may not be changing the world of the first person shooter, but it’s hard not to find something to like in a game this fun, but it’s been a challenge for the game – with its limited content and no single player or co-op campaign – to keep players playing.

Respawn Entertainment is trying to constantly tweak and improve the online experience for Titanfall players and get them back in. The developer removed the Pilot Hunter and Capture The Flag game modes from the PC version over lack of interest, and now players on all platforms have a new update in store — complete with brand new game modes.

The game modes, which were posted on the Titanfall website along with the rest of the update, will be hosted in a brand new feature of the playlist rotation: the Featured Game Mode. According to Respawn Entertainment, these are “game modes that will be available for a limited time only.” As they disappear, they will be replaced by new modes to give a wide variety to the roster.

The first of these Featured Game Modes is Marked For Death, a 6v6 battle where a player from each team is marked as a target, and must be protected by their teammates as they hunt the opposition’s marked man. Another game mode was announced in the post, called Wingman Last Titan Standing. This is a variation on Last Titan Standing, throwing a 2v2 game mode into the mix.

Titanfall Update Four Titan Burn Card

Alongside these game mode updates, there is a wealth of other content for the curious player. Respawn Entertainment has introduced 14 Titan Burn Cards that “add amped Titan weapons and enhanced Titan abilities.” These Burn Cards will only be lost when you die as a Titan — not when you die as a Pilot. Those Titans with the Burn Cards will have an orange highlight on the Titan Counter HUD, and Titans with active Burn Cards will have an indicator close to their health bar.

Respawn Entertainment has also brought in a new way for players to show their accomplishments: Titan Insignias. These insignias will be unlocked through the completion of challenges — although those who have already completed the challenge will find the insignia available when this new update installs. There are also new Titan VO options, and the Titans will be chattier, with new “helpful warnings and observations.”

There are also a variety of other tweaks and bug fixes in the new update. Respawn Entertainment have been making changes to the matchmaking since March, and now hope to improve the experience by rearranging the teams just before the level loads. This will bring an even greater balance to the skill and player counts of the teams.

Titanfall Install Size Xbox One

Matchmaking isn’t the only area that has been balanced, with the gameplay itself being updated. Satchels will do less damage against Pilots, and Big Punch will now do significantly less damage when used as an Ogre — although both Atlas and Stryder chassis will feel less of an impact from this update. Meanwhile, the underused Hemlok, which was “one of the least popular guns in the game,” is now more powerful, never taking more than four shots to down an enemy Pilot.

What do you make of the new Titanfall update? Will you be more likely to try out the Hemlok now that it packs more of a punch? What do you think about the Featured Game Mode? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Respawn