With a game like Titanfall, where gamers log countless hours on the battlefields of multiplayer, there are bound to be some funny occurrences. Some happen merely by chance — either through some in-game bug or random series of events — while others are put there specifically by the developer.

In the past, gamers could spend hours trying to root out these bugs/myths, setting up the specific scenario over and over again. Lucky for us, we have folks like Defend the House, who serve as the video game equivalent of the mythbusters, separating those random bugs from the in-game features.

In their latest video, the YouTube channel takes a closer look at some of the more common myths in Titanfall. They test, among other things, whether a Titan descent can take out an enemy drop ship, whether it’s possible to melee one of the flying alien creatures, and if the Arc Canon can destroy incoming rockets. Check the full video out above for the answers.

As someone who has logged a considerable amount of hours in Titanfall, I can vouch for the legitimacy of a few of these myths. The Titan Arc Canon is a formidable weapon against the grunts and Pilots, but many might not know it’s actually capable of plucking rockets out of the sky.

Titanfall Mythbusters Video

As well, the video proves splash damage from an incoming Titan is strong enough to destroy the enemy drop ship, but only the splash damage. Since killing by “titanfall” nets a player those associated kills it would be unfair to make taking out a drop ship so easy. Rather, a few specific parameters need to be fulfilled for this particular scenario to play out correctly. It’s pretty awesome nonetheless.

For those who might not be familiar with Defend the House’s work, they regularly test all sorts of video game myths, typically on the big games “of the moment.” Games like Grand Theft Auto 5, Call of Duty: Ghosts, DayZ have all gone through the ringer.

While the verdict is still out on Titanfall‘s longevity, developer Respawn Entertainment has been consistently updating the game with new features and content. They also detailed the first DLC pack for Titanfall called Expedition, which adds three new maps to the game. In other words, some may have moved on from Titanfall but those who are still regularly logging multiplayer hours have plenty to look forward to.

Are there any Titanfall myths you would like to see tested out? What crazy happenings have you seen in the game?

Source: Defend the House