‘Titanfall’ Multiplayer Modes Removed from PC Version

By | 2 years ago 

Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment has stuck to their word with the removal of two modes from the PC version of their multiplayer title. Both Capture the Flag and Pilot Hunter can no longer be accessed outside of the game’s Variety option or in a 12-player private match.

As far as a reason for the two modes’ removal, Respawn says the decision was based purely on their lack of popularity among PC players. Minimal interest from the player base led to long wait times for those interested players, and thus a less than desirable experience.

Attrition and Hardpoint Domination, on the other hand, continue to lead the pack as Titanfall‘s most played and most sought after modes. For those that might not know, Attrition hits similar notes to a Team Deathmatch style mode, where kills translate into points, and Hardpoint Domination fills the capture and hold role.

While few could discredit Respawn for trying to improve their online experience it’s a bit strange to think that, with only a handful of modes to start, the developer would want to leave players with even fewer options. A distinct lack of content is something we criticized Titanfall for in our review of the game, and the hope was that Respawn would add more not create less options. Sure, those CTF or Pilot Hunter fans can still access the modes as part of the Variety option, which rotates through all of Titanfall‘s available modes, but chances are those two won’t come up nearly as often as Attrition or Hardpoint.

For that matter, getting 12 players together for a private match is easier said than done, especially on the PC. Granted, that might be the optimal platform for playing Titanfall — as our experience with the PC version has revealed minimal hiccups — but it’s certainly not the version EA is out there promoting.

Luckily, gamers on those other platforms have nothing to worry about as both Capture the Flag and Pilot Hunter are still available as of this writing. We suspect that if the two modes aren’t as popular on PC then that is likely also the case on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, but perhaps the player bases on those platforms are large enough to keep wait times to a minimum.

Either way, the good news is that Respawn reportedly has some new modes in the works for all three platforms, and they have promised to offer them at no extra charge. Map packs like the recently released Expedition DLC, on the other hand, will come at a price. We’ll keep you posted regarding new Titanfall content as it comes in.

Are you disappointed to learn CTF and Pilot Hunter have been removed from the normal selection in Titanfall (PC)? What mode do you play the most?

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