‘Titanfall’ Grinder Hits Max Level in Just Over 3 Days; Tie-In Merch Galore

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It’s a pretty safe bet that in the days since Titanfall’s release plenty of gamers have basically been glued to their Xbox One’s and PCs. The Respawn Entertainment shooter/mech game has been a major hit so far (check out our review) and gamers can’t seem to get enough of the wall-running, fast-paced action. During that time, some gamers have obviously had a chance to play more than others. As a matter of fact, one particular gamer has made it a point to play a lot more.

Much like the recent Call of Duty games, one of the most addicting parts of Titanfall is leveling up your pilot, in a similar fashion to leveling up a character in a role-playing game. One Titanfall player took the leveling process so seriously that he’s already maxed out his pilot and become the game’s first Generation 10 player.

Reddit user DownTuClown shared some screenshots to backup his claim that he has successfully leveled the world’s first Generation 10 pilot. It looks like it took DownTuClown a total of three days and nine hours to max out his pilot. He hit Gen 10 after an impressive 636 games (over half of which were Attrition matches). Considering that the game was only released last Tuesday, it seems likely that he spent most of his waking moments in-game.

The player described his marathon leveling experience on Reddit.

“The entire playthrough to me was nothing more than a grind… Not much different than leveling in a RPG of some kind. It got pretty difficult for me at some points.”

Titanfall Pilot Eject Screenshot

The difficulty is no surprise at all. The player was attempting to complete all the game’s Challenges in order to rake in the XP bonuses and speed up the grind. If you’ve taken a look at the game’s list of Challenges, you can easily imagine how difficult it would be to pull them all off during the first week. I’ll be surprised if I get “50 Pilot Kills After Ejecting” in the first month.

If you prefer to celebrate the Titanfall launch in a slightly less hardcore fashion than DownTuClown, there are plenty of opportunities to spread Titan fever with a variety of tie-in merch. Between the toys, the art books, and the energy shots; it’s going to be hard to avoid the Titanfall brand in stores this season.

DownTuClown didn’t mention what fuel he used in order to keep his energy up during his 636 games, but the limited edition Titanfall 5-Hour Energy seems like it would have been an appropriate choice. The Titanfall-themed energy shots were released to celebrate the launch of the game and available at Wal-Mart for a limited time.

If you prefer to stick to your standard beverages of choice, you might want to consider skipping the 5-Hour Energy and checking out how K’NEX plan to bring Titans to life instead:

The Titanfall series of K’NEX rolls out during the Fall 2014 season. The sets range in price from $34.99 through $99.99. Although the game is recommended for Mature audiences, the toys should be fine in the hands of anyone eight and up.

Last month, an official art book was released that shows some of the brilliant concept art behind the first-person shooter. At 192 full-color pages, The Art of Titanfall makes for a pretty nice coffee table book and features some closer looks at the game’s flora and fauna. Fans can pick the tome up for $34.95 and get a closer look at the art behind the Titans, pilots, grunts, and maps.

With the incredible amount of tie-in merch available (which will likely continue throughout the year), it seems more evident than ever that the folks at Respawn have a seriously powerful IP on their hands. If the hype continues while the game’s DLC packs start to become available, we could be looking at the next Halo or Call of Duty.

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Titanfall is available now for the PC and Xbox One. An Xbox 360 release arrives March 25.

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Source: Reddit