In a little over a week, gamers will finally get their first taste of a true next-gen multiplayer experience in the form of Titanfall. Well, at least that’s what developer Respawn Entertainment claims their freshman game will deliver.

But while Respawn has been out there hyping up Titanfall with talk of accessible multiplayer and unique combat opportunities, they have shied away from a lot of concrete details. In fact, many of the more recent juicy Titanfall details have come by way of leaks rather than straight from the horse’s mouth.

Gamers learned more about the game’s maps, perk options, and weapon selection thanks to these leaks, but few were backed up with confirmation from Respawn. However, a second, more recent leak has helped support some of those initial teases, while also giving gamers a closer look at some of Titanfall‘s unannounced maps.

The leaked details and screens come courtesy of Reddit user FallenFusion and are supposed to work in tandem with the prior leak (from RazorUK). They include news of a new mode called Pilot Hunter, turrets, a screenshot of the Generations feature, and zipelines, as well as 10 tantalizing screenshots. FallenFusion will not say how exactly he or she came across these details, but they suggest some intimate knowledge of the game. For example, they reveal that the game’s two-sided multiplayer campaign includes a total of 9 matches per faction. Now for the details.

First up is Pilot Hunter — a mode that sounds a lot like Last Titan Standing, only with the focus placed on the ground troops. In this mode, players will only earn points towards a score limit for killing enemy pilots. Every other task will help decrease a player’s time to titanfall, but taking down pilots is key to victory.

Titanfall Turrets

Turrets, as gamers might expect, are large emplacements scattered across Titanfall‘s various multiplayer battlefields. They are useful on both pilots and titans, and are completely A.I.-controlled. It is possible to hack a turret, however, and force it to fight for the opposite faction.

Titanfall Generations Screenshot

Generations is, as previously rumored, Titanfall‘s version of a Prestige feature. Players lose all multiplayer progress (save for burn cards) but earn a special emblem and 110% XP earn.

Titanfall Ziplines Screenshot

Some maps in Titanfall reportedly feature ziplines. Not much more to say than that except that ziplines can be used to travel in both directions.

Finally, the biggest items in the leak are the below screens. In them, readers can get a better sense of what Titanfall will offer as far as a multiplayer map selection. There’s certainly a common aesthetic to all of them, but the limited perspective of the screens make it hard to get a full picture of each map. Obviously, each map will need to be accommodating to both pilots and titans, but it will be nice to see different types of layouts.

Again, with 8 days until Titanfall hits the Xbox One and PC – sorry Xbox 360 gamers – only the most curious of gamers are encouraged to delve deeper into the latest rumor pool looking for answers. Respawn has done their part to tease the game enough — through the beta test, screenshots, and trailers — that you are either anxiously anticipating March 11th or you couldn’t care less.

Is there any element of Titanfall that you feel has not been sufficiently detailed? What are your hopes for the game’s multiplayer map selection?

Titanfall releases March 11, 2014 for the PC and Xbox One, and March 25th for the Xbox 360.

Source: Reddit