'Titanfall' Launch Trailer, Achievements List & Map Images Revealed

Titanfall Gamescom Trailer

One of the most anticipated titles of 2014, Titanfall is only one week from release. After a successful beta that allowed every interested PC and Xbox One player access to test out the game, the team at Respawn Entertainment is in the final stages of releasing their revolutionary multiplayer-only shooter offering - which means that a slew of last-minute details have started to flood the internet.

In recent weeks, Titan class details and perk lists have helped ensure that buzz for the title (which Microsoft is hoping will help push potential next-gen gamers into an Xbox One) reaches a fever pitch. Now, fresh official and unofficial reveals are giving us a sneak peek at the Titanfall launch trailer, achievements list, and alleged images of the game's fifteen maps.

The new trailer (which you can view up top) continues to push Respawn's principle marketing approach (highlight the game's epic scale and unique gameplay mechanics) while also adding a bit of story into the mix. But gamers who have been following Titanfall since its announcement already know that the title does not feature a traditional Call of Duty-like single player campaign.

Instead, the mythology (and story) of the Titanfall universe will be presented throughout the various multiplayer modes - e.g. filler that explains why the teams are warring in any particular area.

Titanfall Beta Gameplay Video

For example, prior gameplay videos have shown a scenario where the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) secures a key scientist and then defends the area until enemy hostiles are all killed. It's certainly possible that, upon release, Respawn will demo story elements that are more directly connected to on-the-ground fighting; for now, though, gamers shouldn't get their hopes up for anything more than semi-superficial story developments. In fact, the two faction stories reportedly only include nine missions (matches) per campaign for a total of eighteen scenarios.

The heavy focus on multiplayer combat over narrative is (understandably) apparent in Titanfall's in-game challenges. Since the full achievement list includes only four story-related goals whereas the majority focus on racking up-kills and wins: "Killed 10 Ejecting Pilots" or "Won 50 Hardpoint Matches."

Check out the full list below - along with respective gamer points:

  • Best in Class (25) - Finished as the top player on your team once.
  • All charged up (25) - Killed 5 enemies with one Arc Cannon shot.
  • Pull! (25)  - Killed 10 ejecting Pilots.
  • Pull Harder! (25) - Killed an ejecting Pilot with the Plasma Railgun.
  • All The Cards (25) - Earned 500 burn cards
  • My Robot Army (20) - Hacked 20 Spectres using the Data Knife.
  • Refuge (50) - Survived an evacuation.
  • I Like A Challenge (50) - Completed all challenges for a single weapon.
  • IMC Pilot (50) - Completed the IMC campaign.
  • Militia Pilot (50) - Completed the Militia campaign.
  • My Generation (50) Became a second generation Pilot.
  • IMC Elite Pilot (25) - Won every Campaign level as an IMC pilot.
  • Militia Elite Pilot (25) - Won every Campaign level as a Militia pilot.
  • Death From Above (25) - Killed 5 enemies by dropping a titan on them.
  • Build Yourself (15) - Created a custom pilot load out.
  • Customize Your Ride (15) -Created a custom titan load out.
  • Halfway There (25) - Reached level 25.
  • Maxed Out (50) - Reached level 50.
  • Flag Runner (25) - Won 50 Capture The Flag matches.
  • I Wore 'Em Down (25) - Won 50 Attrition matches.
  • Pilot Hunter (25) - Won 50 Pilot Hunter matches.
  • Captured Everything (25) - Won 50 Hardpoint matches.
  • I Stand Alone (25) - Won 50 Last Titan Standing matches.
  • I've Seen It All (25) - Played every gameplay mode on every map.
  • Ride 'Em Cowboy (25) - Rodeo-killed a Titan.
  • Like A Vacation (25) - Completed training.
  • Look Around (10) - Snapped the necks of 10 Pilots.
  • All The Hardware (50) - Unlocked everything.
  • Vortex Volley (15) - Caught a projectile shot from a vortex with your own vortex.
  • Frequent Flyer (50) - Played 50 Campaign matches.
  • I Killed Them All (25) - Killed all pilots during the evacuation single-handedly.
  • Freerunner (25) - Wallran for 5 kilometers
  • Gen 10 (0) - Reached the highest Pilot generation.
  • Superior In Every Way (25) - Killed 1000 AI soldiers.
  • Titanfall (25) - Called in your Titan 25 times.

As for where gamers will be racking up all those kills, reddit user Fallen Fusion (who previously leaked HD gameplay images and mode details) is back with top-down images of the games' fifteen maps - each one highlighting key locales.

Gamers who played in the Titanfall beta will, no doubt, recognize Angel City as well as Fracture but the rest of the maps hint at a decent amount of variety in the final retail product. Each one features vertical constructions for fast-paced parkour action (and sniper fire) along with wide-open areas where the game's iconic Titans can go head to head. Of course, we'll have to wait for next week's release to learn the history behind each locale - not to mention which ones will be the most preferred among players.

In the meantime, be sure to check out our Titanfall news archive, not to mention our own gameplay video feature, so that you can "Prepare for Titanfall."


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Titanfall releases March 11, 2014 for the PC and Xbox One, and March 25th for the Xbox 360.

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Sources: Respawn Entertainment, Xbox Achievements, and Reddit (via Dual Shockers)

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