‘Titanfall’ Install Size Clocks in at 20GB on Xbox One [UPDATED]

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[UPDATE: Respawn has clarified that Titanfall will only require a 20GB install on Xbox One.]

After potential pre-loading for Titanfall turned out to be a mistake on Microsoft’s part, many gamers were left wondering whether such a feature might still be in the Xbox One’s future. Moreover, with game install sizes seemingly increasing as they go, the utility of pre-loading becomes all the more important.

Coincidentally, talk has turned to Titanfall once again; only this time the focus is on the game’s actual install size, and how useful pre-loading have might been. According to the Xbox One Titanfall bundle that was just announced today, Respawn Entertainment‘s game will clock in somewhere around 40GB for the full install.

If the 40GB install size is for the full game that would make it the biggest game install on the Xbox One so far — not counting games with added DLC, of course. And, provided the Xbox One user has decent internet speed, that puts quite some time between triggering the install and actually getting to play.

It’s important to mention, however, that this install size is for the digital version of Titanfall — the copy that comes packed in with the new Titanfall bundle. In other words, gamers who pick up the disc-based version of Titanfall likely won’t have as substantial of an install, and will presumably be able to start gaming sooner thanks to background installing.

Titanfall E3 Gameplay Screenshot

In addition to questions of pre-loading, this 40GB install size should also spurn conversations regarding Titanfall‘s depth as a multiplayer-only shooter. If games like Call of Duty: Ghosts (39GB) and Battlefield 4 (33GB) can clock in under Titanfall, even with a singleplayer component, then where do the bulk of Titanfall‘s assets come from? Thus far, we have only heard sparse details about Respawn’s game, although recent leaks have suggested the game boasts 15 multiplayer maps in total.

As likely the first “big” next-gen release of 2014, Titanfall is poised to dominate the conversation for at least the next three weeks. So much so that even something as miniscule as the game’s install size is bound to be scrutinized, specifically because it might hint towards other details about the game.

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Are you surprised by Titanfall‘s large install size? Do you think that Microsoft and Sony should introduce a pre-loading feature before game installs get any larger?

Titanfall releases March 11, 2014 for the PC and Xbox One. The Xbox 360 version releases on March 25th.

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