Titanfall’s ‘IMC Rising’ DLC Releases Alongside New Trailer

By | 2 years ago 

Titanfall’s steady stream of fresh content now seems to be coming to the end. Players had already been able to purchase two DLC map packs for the multiplayer mech-based shooter. First was the Expedition pack, bringing with it the maps Swampland, Run-Off, and the “parkour playground” of War Games. That was followed up by Frontier’s Edge at the end of July this year, and the maps Dig Site, Haven, and Export.

Now, Respawn Entertainment has released Titanfall’s third – and final – DLC map pack for gamers to enjoy. Details about the pack – titled IMC Rising – were initially released alongside an amazing live action short. The content focuses on the struggle between the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) and the Militia in three new locations. This time, players will be able to battle it out in Backwater, Zone 18, and Sandtrap. IMC Rising is available for $9.99, or as part of the Titanfall Season Pass for $24.99.

The maps themselves promise further variety for fans of the EA-published online shooter, with three very different locations. The first of the new maps, Backwater, brings players to the hideout of a former IMC pilot and a bootlegging colony.  Pilots will be able to use both elevated railways and underground grain silos to move, whilst there are large, open areas for tense titan battles.

Titanfall IMC Rising Header Image

The other two maps also hold some level and elevation variety for players. Zone 18 is a hidden IMC robotics facility with limited rooftop cover and a maze of interior walkways to avoid being caught in the facility’s central supply path. Finally, the treacherous fuel reservoirs of Sandtrap will be a godsend to pilots skilled at wall running, with the recommissioned IMC facility also offering large, open spaces for titan combat.

It remains to be seen what the end of the DLC packs means regarding any future free updates. Update six was released a few weeks ago for owners of the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC title, bringing with it the pilot-only Skirmish mode. However, who knows how far Respawn will go with updates before they feel satisfied with a definitive version of Titanfall. After all, Respawn already has one eye on a new title – and given the developer’s need for designers with experience with third person titles, it’s either a brand new project or the Titanfall sequel is taking on a very different angle.

What do you make of the final map pack? How long will you keep playing Titanfall now that the final map DLC has been released? Let us know in the comments.

Titanfall is currently out for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and for PC via Origin. IMC Rising is available for $9.99.