Respawn Promises No Microtransactions in ‘Titanfall’; Season Pass Still Possible

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After the initial release of the PS4 and Xbox One, along with their respective launch titles, console gamers are facing a slow stream of new next-gen releases. While PlayStation 4 gamers await another super-powered open world adventure with inFamous: Second Son, Xbox One fans have their sights firmly set on Respawn Entertainment‘s debut IP, Titanfall.

A minor controversy over the maximum in-game player count stole a bit of the game’s pre-release buzz but Titanfall remains one of the most talked-about titles of 2014 – and today we have another encouraging piece of news for potential buyers. Despite increased pressure from publishers for developers to include microtransactions, Respawn has officially confirmed that Titanfall will not be nickel-and-diming players for in-game or post-release content.

The news comes from an official Respawn Entertainment tweet – responding to a follower in an impromptu question and answer session. Check out the exchange below:

As stated in the tweet, a season pass is still possible (read: likely) but gamers can, at the very least, breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they won’t have to pay for in-game perks like titan customizations, increased leveling, or weapon unlocks.

Of course, that means that gamers will have to actually spend time playing the multiplayer-only title if they want to unlock some of Titanfall‘s best modifications and extended arsenal – which might actually be disappointing to casual players who enjoy the added option of paying a nominal fee to get deeper into a game with less work. Hardcore gamers often complain about microtransactions, which no doubt buck the traditional “work for it” approach to leveling-up, but publishers wouldn’t bother with mini-charges if a decent chunk of players weren’t buying-in.

Additionally, the lack of microtransactions very likely means that the developer intends to further monetize the game with pay-to-play post-release DLC – which could still mean very costly add-on content is in the pipeline. Respawn’s social media team might not have season pass information, but considering the studio heads helped pioneer Call of Duty‘s (arguably over-priced) DLC plan, it’s a no-brainer to assume that the developer will support the title with (and charge for) additional locales – especially since multiplayer modes are tied to specific maps.

Titanfall Player Count AI Infantry

Whether or not gamers will get a break on those unannounced add-ons through a combined season pass offering is unclear at this point. That said, more and more publishers are adopting the season pass format – since they receive season pass money upfront when players are still enthusiastic about a title. Locking gamers in early ensures that fans not only pay for all of the available DLC add-ons (at a slight discount), it also keeps a large chunk of customers playing their game (as opposed to the competition).

We’ll keep you up to date as Respawn Entertainment makes official announcements about post-release Titanfall content.


Titanfall releases March 11, 2014 for the PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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