‘Titanfall: Frontier’s Edge’ DLC Details Revealed in SDCC Livestream

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Rumors are already starting to circulate concerning the big changes that may or may not come with the inevitable sequel to Respawn’s mech-shooter Titanfall, even though content for the original game is still being released. The second round of DLC for Titanfall is just around the corner and thanks to San Diego Comic-Con, eager fans can get a much closer look at the impending acton.

Titanfall’s upcoming Frontier’s Edge DLC pack is slated to arrive on July 31, alongside the game’s title update 5. The update will bring some interesting changes with it, including a marketplace for Burn Cards and Insignia. In addition to showcasing the new features arriving in update 5, the hour-long livestream event also explored the upcoming expansion’s three new maps in detail.

No worries if you missed the original stream, you can revisit the whole preview right here…

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The three new maps (Dig Site, Haven, and Export) each bring something new to the Titanfall experience to keep things fresh for fans who have been calling in mech support since March and may be getting tempted to make the switch to the Destiny beta. Much like the existing maps in the game, the environments range pretty wildly from the mountains in Haven to the massive man-made structures of Export (which are perfect for wall jumping).

Frontier’s Edge is the second of the three planned DLC packs for Titanfall and is primarily just a map pack. Some gamers are upset that the DLC packs haven’t included new features, game modes, or weapons; but the developers have made it clear that game enhancements like new modes will be free to all players and DLC packs will be limited to additional maps. There will definitely be a group of consumers who feel like that doesn’t make the DLC packs worth the price tag, but in the long run it should make for a better multiplayer experience for the whole community.

The DLC pack is already payed for if you picked up the $25 Titanfall season pass, but it can also be picked up a la carte for just $10. Similar to the previous pack, Frontier’s Edge will launch on Xbox One and PC first and then arrive shortly after for Xbox 360 users (thanks to development being handled by Bluepoint instead of Respawn). The delay was just about a month long last time around.

Do you plan to pick up Frontier’s Edge? Do you think the Titanfall DLC packs should include more than just maps? Let us know in the comments.


The Frontier’s Edge DLC for Titanfall arrives July 31 on Xbox One and PC. The Xbox 360 version will be available sometime later.

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