‘Titanfall’ Expedition DLC & Update Get Release Date

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From the game’s launch, Respawn Entertainment has continued to work towards addressing gamers’ suggestions and issues concerning Titanfall. While some might argue that the game’s content was on the lighter side at launch, it’s clear that the studio is steadily working towards having a released product that incorporates all the features that gamers are yearning for.

To help contribute to that ideal product, Titanfall’s first batch of DLC as well as the title’s third update have been confirmed to be launching on May 15  for PC and Xbox One users. Going by the name of “Expedition,” the latest additions to Respawn’s venerable shooter will drop players into vastly different battlegrounds like a sprawling forest and a computer simulation.

How those new locations measure up to the existing set of maps will take some serious time to determine, but thanks to company’s official Twitter account, players now know to mark their calendars:

This news comes following the release of a video detailing the DLC’s three new map, but it wouldn’t be a new map pack if players didn’t see some significant updates to the title as well. To help players prepare for these new locales and the challenges that they will present, a slew of organizational additions and stability fixes have been dropped onto the battlefield.

From giving players the ability to name their custom loadouts to providing game mode specific loadouts, Respawn is clearly paying attention to fans’ complaints. Considering previous additions to the title have included the introduction of Private Matches and an improved matchmaking algorithm, it’s a safe bet that gamers can expect to see quite a few more major updates before development begins to switch over more heavily to the game’s rumored sequel.

Titanfall War Games Pilots Screenshot

For those taking to the battlefield on the game’s Xbox 360 edition, the wait for “Expedition” will be slightly longer with a release slated for sometime in June. This is hardly surprising considering the delays that faced the Xbox 360 version and the evident push that Titanfall represents for Microsoft’s next-gen hardware. Regardless, there’s no denying that when the content does arrive, it will be a force to be reckoned with.

What would you like to see Respawn Entertainment fix in the next Titanfall update? Which “Expedition” map are you most excited to jump into battle on?


Titanfall is out now on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC and will receive its first batch of DLC in the form of “Expedition” on May 15, 2014 for PC and Xbox One users.

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