Entertainment’s hybrid mech/shooter Titanfall took Microsoft consoles and PCs by storm over the last few months and the title’s impressive sales record proves that gamers are welcoming the change of pace from the usual Battlefield and Call of Duty first-person shooter experiences. Now that plenty of consumers have committed the first $60 to the Titanfall experience, the developers are ready to start unleashing additional paid content to keep things the community entertained…

Titanfall’s first add-on content will come in the form of the Expedition DLC pack. Details about the DLC’s War Games and Runoff maps have already been slowly leaking out and both look very different from the current map options. A new batch of screenshots released by Respawn gives fans a closer look at both, along with the third map, Swamplands. Take a look:

Titanfall War Games Pilots Screenshot

War Games

Titanfall War Games Glitch Screenshot

War Games

Titanfall Swamplands Titan Screenshot


Titanfall Swamplands Pilot Screenshot


Titanfall Runoff Pilot Titan Screenshot


All three maps look to shake up the current Titanfall multiplayer landscape with a change in scenery, but the War Zone map is the most eye-catching. The simulation-inspired map, which triggers memories of the X-Men’s Danger Room, will offer plenty of terrain to take full advantage of the pilot’s super-powered wall-running and jumping abilities. The bulk of the map is designed to give pilots who have mastered the art of wall-running a distinct advantage over Titans. When the mechs stomp into the narrow passage in the center of the map, experienced pilots should be able to wipe them out.

Runoff offers standard environmental elements (buildings, billboards, and large walls) needed to take advantage of the game’s physics, but Swampland really does stand out with its design. The forest setting will offer players an opportunity to gain the higher ground in very different ways than the current levels allow. Pilots can be seen scaling enormous trees and stone structures in the screen shots. We look forward to finding out more about what Swamplands has in store for players when the DLC launches.

Titanfall Expedition DLC Banner

In addition to the three new maps, Expedition will allow players to customize their Titans with new decals. The DLC pack also introduces new player hash tags to make socializing in the game easier.

Expedition is set to launch sometime this month, but a specific date has not been confirmed. Consumers can either purchase the $25 season pass or buy the content separately for $10.

Do you think Expedition is bringing enough to the table to shell out some more money on Titanfall or should more maps and modes have come at launch? Satisfied with the current offerings in the core game? Sound off in the comments.


Titanfall is now available for the PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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Source: Respawn