Titanfall 2 Teases More DLC Plans for 2017


Nearly six months after its release date in 2016, Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment's first-person shooter Titanfall 2 is set to add even more post-launch assets through free content drops and DLC, as the game's developers offer fans a road map for the next few months ahead. In addition to the DLC that's already available, Respawn Entertainment says that it's going to use the time in between this April and June to release two more general multiplayer maps called Glitch and Relic, a couple more Live Fire maps known as Traffic and Deck, a brand new Titan, and two more purchasable Prime Titans with Ronin and Tone.

Plus, as seen in the image below, Respawn Entertainment promises that there's even more free content to come to Titanfall 2 beyond June. Furthermore, fans should also anticipate the addition of a general cap increase to 100, expanded Private Match settings including the incorporation of Live Fire and Coliseum, a brand new Faction, a fresh game mode called Marked for Death, extra Pilot executions, and additional purchasable camos, skins, and cosmetics from the store, and thankfully, refinements to matchmaking that will address estimated wait time issues.


While Respawn Entertainment is remaining rather tight-lipped about the new Titan's identity and what's to come beyond June, the developer promises to unveil more details once it gets closer to actually releasing such materials. Not to mention, it's safe to say that most Titanfall 2 fans are quite content with all that has been added already, with the most recent addition being the Colony Reborn DLC pack that dropped just a few weeks ago.

Although the die-hard fans of Titanfall 2 have been treated quite well by Respawn Entertainment since the game's release last year, the first-person shooter hasn't necessarily performed as well financially as its publisher Electronic Arts has wanted. As a matter of fact, the company revealed that sales were lower than expected since its launch last October.

Be that as it may, dampened sales figures hasn't stopped Respawn Entertainment from rewarding those who have chosen to stick with Titanfall 2 since its release. Hopefully, though, all of this post-launch content that's planned for the title will help boost its revenue overall in the long run.

Titanfall 2 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Electronic Arts

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