As promised, Respawn Entertainment took the stage during Electronic Arts’ Gamescom Press Conference to announce the latest piece of Titanfall DLC. And as it turns out, this latest map pack will also reportedly be the game’s last, bringing the total downloadable map tally to nine.

The pack itself is slated for release later this fall and will carry the moniker IMC Rising. It will include maps titled Backwater, Zone 18, and Sandtrap, and will retail for the typical $10 price point. Titanfall players can expect the DLC pack to hit PC and Xbox One first, and Xbox 360 a little bit after that.

In addition to picking up IMC Rising a la carte, gamers also have the opportunity to purchase the map pack as part of the $25 Season Pass. Now that we know this is the last pack for the game, players can better evaluate the value of the Pass, which unlocks an additional nine maps.

Although Respawn has released regular gameplay updates and a few new modes for free, the main focus has always been on these paid map packs. With them, Respawn has tried to increase the lifespan of their Titan-v-Pilot shooter, which saw a surprisingly steep drop-off in player interest after launch. Granted, the development team has likely learned what they need to do better next time (more mechs!), but with the release of IMC Rising they will be putting an end to this first chapter.

The Titanfall promotional tour also comes full circle with the release of ‘Free the Frontier,’ a live-action short that Respawn teased before the game launched in March. The short was developed by VFX studio Playfight and can be seen above.

Not only is the Free the Frontier short visually impressive, it also reinforces how cool a dedicated Titanfall campaign can be. Sure, many of those scripted moments are seemingly recreated in multiplayer, but this is something else. We know that Respawn wants to do better with their campaign the next time around, but that doesn’t necessarily sound like they are abandoning the online-focused idea just yet. Again, it’s ultimately about lessons learned.

Will you be picking up the final DLC map pack for Titanfall? What do you think of this live-action short?

Titanfall — IMC Rising releases this fall for PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Polygon, IGN