‘Titanfall’ DLC Map Pack 2 Announced: Welcome to the Frontier’s Edge

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Four months after gamers heard “Your Titan is Ready” for the first time, Titanfall remains a solid entry in the Xbox One‘s launch year line-up. In the week’s before and after release, the title helped increase interest in Microsoft’s next-generation console; though, the game ultimately fell short of lofty sales expectations. Positive launch reviews across the board (read our review) heralded the property as a clear-cut evolution in online first-person shooter multiplayer but, sadly, there just wasn’t enough content included in the final game to prevent a sharp drop-off at retail.

Even though Respawn Entertainment has delivered an addictive online experience, many players have already moved on to more robust offerings – dismissing Titanfall as a solid foundation but one that lacks enough features (and incentives) to keep fans invested. Compared to heavy-hitting FPS franchises like Call of Duty or Battlefield, Titanfall is sorely short on games modes as well as unlockables (weapons and abilities), not to mention the complete absence of a single-player story experience. In an effort to support the core experience post-launch, the studio has kept busy developing complimentary updates, match types, burn cards, and customization options, along with paid-for DLC map packs (as part of the season pass or solo purchase).

Map fatigue has been credited as one of the major reasons former players lost interest in the game but now, with the official announcement of the second DLC pack, pilots have three new reasons to (once again) “Prepare for Titanfall.” Revealed over at the official Titanfall blog, DLC pack two, “Frontier’s Edge” will inject three maps into rotation.

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Little was revealed about the new environments but, in keeping with the marketing pattern established by the first DLC pack, “Expedition,” fans shouldn’t have to wait too long for Respawn to unveil images, details, and a trailer for “Frontier’s Edge.” For now, all we know is that the new DLC maps will, according to the studio, be “pushing the battle to the furthest reaches of the universe.”

In the meantime, here’s an official (albeit brief) breakdown of the “Frontier’s Edge” DLC maps:

  • Dig Site – an isolated mining outpost.
  • Haven – an exclusive beach resort.
  • Export – a mining hub on the side of a mountain.

Along with the press release, Respawn included promotional artwork for the “Frontier’s Edge” add-on – which, based on the descriptions, appears to show a Stryder Titan and female pilot standing on the cliffs above the Dig Site mining outpost (or possibly the Export mining hub).

Check out the image below (click to enlarge):

Titanfall Frontiers Edge DLC Map Pack

Without a doubt, the “Expedition” pack provided a number of genuinely unique environments with fresh opportunities for players to hone their respective skills and strategies. Each prior map was developed from the ground-up with specific objectives as well as in-game challenges in mind – and we’ll be eager to hear about the inspirations behind Dig Site, Haven, and Export in the coming weeks.

That said, gamers who are still holding out hope for new Titan chassis, guns, perks, and weapon mods remain out of luck. Respawn has committed to on-going tweaks and minor feature updates but no major gameplay additions or substantial alterations are expected until Titanfall 2. The shortage of unlockables (and a somewhat limited progression system) might be frustrating but anyone familiar with online competitive gaming knows that injecting all new weapons, abilities, or Titan models would drastically impact the title’s finely tuned balancing – a can of worms the studio does not appear eager to open.

Gamers who are still enjoying the Titanfall experience have reason to be excited for “Frontier’s Edge” (as well as ongoing gameplay tweaks and the yet-to-be-announced third map pack) but those who holding their breath for a major overhaul should probably just start looking toward Titanfall 2.

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Respawn did not provide an official release date for the “Frontier’s Edge” DLC but the “Expedition” pack released roughly one month after its initial announcement. If the studio follows the same timeline, PC and Xbox One gamers should have their hands on the new maps mid-August (with the Xbox 360 version arriving a month later).


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Titanfall is now available for the PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. The “Frontier’s Edge” DLC pack does not currently have an official release date.

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