EA Confirms ‘Titanfall’ Will Have DLC

By | 3 years ago 

In an announcement that most saw coming, Electronic Arts has confirmed that Respawn Entertainment’s highly anticipated shooter Titanfall will be receiving “additional content.” The publisher broke the news during their investors call earlier today.

While EA was ready to confirm DLC for Titanfall they would not say much more than that. In fact, EA’s Andrew Wilson wouldn’t even nail down in what form gamers might see this additional content.

Instead, as Wilson explained on the call, Titanfall‘s DLC will “evolve” alongside the game’s player bases. Once again, he wouldn’t provide any clarification, this time with regards to what “evolve” might mean, but the good news is that there will be additional content.

“We’re planning extra content already for the product, but in the nature of the live service, I think that that will evolve over time as we see how the player base evolves through the year.”

Given this DLC announcement it seems even more likely that Titanfall will deploy a Season Pass of some sort. Respawn promised gamers that their forthcoming mech vs. pilot shooter would not feature microtransactions, but they avoided talk of a Season Pass.

Titanfall E3 Gameplay Screenshot

As far was what gamers can expect from Titanfall‘s DLC offering(s), we wouldn’t be surprised if the game deployed a similar model to Call of Duty, the franchise that Respawn Entertainment founders Jason West and Vince Zampella helped turn into the blockbuster it is. If Titanfall did use a similar model then gamers could expect 3 or so map packs, each offering a handful of new multiplayer arenas and all priced at about $15 each. It’s a common pricing structure and format for multiplayer shooters these days.

However, there is a second element to Titanfall beyond multiplayer arenas that Respawn could leverage as DLC. We, of course, are talking about the Titans themselves, giant mechs that, thus far, come in three different flavors. Again, this is pure speculation, but we could see a scenario where Respawn offered a new mech with each Titanfall DLC pack, in addition to a few maps. Granted, that might cause more headache than its worth for Respawn, who have already faced tons of obstacles when balancing their game, but there’s no question gamers will want to see what new Titan types the developer can cook up.

For now, at least the question of DLC has been answered, although that answer brought up more questions than we expected. First things first, though, Respawn needs to get Titanfall into the hands of gamers, which they will do on March 11th, and then they can see how large the DLC demand is and what players are requesting.

What type of DLC would you like to see for Titanfall? New Titans? New maps? New weapons? How much would you pay for a Season Pass?

Titanfall releases March 11, 2014 for the PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.