It’s been a long wait for gamers, but the ridiculously anticipated Titanfall is almost upon the masses. The recently shuttered open beta allowed a large numbers of gamers to test their mech-fueled mettle prior to the game’s official launch (as well as help stress test servers), and now fans have a pretty good idea of what to expect from what many are touting as a game-changer in the overcrowded first-person shooter genre.

Of course, those who are dedicated enough to the forthcoming brand have a few forms of additional paraphernalia to invest in if they so desire. The swanky looking Titanfall Xbox One controller is one of the cheaper methods to tote titan pride, but those looking for a new centrepiece for their collection will have likely already thrown down $249.99 for the collector’s edition. Since so much care has gone into the expensive, albeit very limited, collector’s variant of Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment has done an unboxing video for fans eagerly awaiting the opportunity to pick up their copy of the blockbuster shooter.

Titanfall Collectors Edition Unboxing

This collector’s edition likely won’t appeal to consumers that planned on purchasing the newly announced Xbox One Titanfall bundle at launch, but it’s a nifty option for anyone that believes they’ll fall in love with the IP or just had a great time in the beta. Microsoft is well aware that Titanfall will be a major title for them in 2014, they even plan on patching the Xbox One controller in correspondence with suggestions from the game’s dev team, so it’s not surprising that it’s received such an over-the-top collector’s edition.

The limited SKU is currently available for pre-order on all announced formats (including the recently delayed Xbox 360 version), and will launch alongside the game later this March.


Titanfall drops onto Xbox One and PC on March 11, 2014, with the 360 version hitting on March 25, 2014.

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