'Titanfall': Beta Won't Require Pre-Order, PC Hardware Specs & Possible Mac Release

Titanfall Beta Doesn't Need Pre-Order

To say that Titanfall is 2014's 800-pound gorilla is an understatement. While it's obvious that those well-versed in the gaming industry are talking about the upcoming title, the game has been reaching a much wider audience thanks to a strong media presence. Soon though, the game will be entering beta and thanks to some new details, it looks like the beta will be extending the game's reach even wider.

According to a tweet from Respawn Entertainment co-founder Vince Zampella, the upcoming Titanfall beta will not require gamers to have pre-ordered the game. It still remains to be seen whether the recently-announced beta will be open to the public or limited by some to-be-determined factor, but this should at least lend hope to those praying for an open beta.


Despite Respawn's admittance that Titanfall was difficult to market, it looks as though they've made the most of the situation. Lots of gamers seem to want to get in on the action as soon as humanly possible, beta or no beta. For those that will be using PC as their platform of choice, Zampella was nice enough to provide another tidbit of information for fans.

In another tweet, he gave PC gamers their first look at the minimum hardware specs that will be needed to run the game. The specs may come as a surprise for those who have been prepping their battle station for the upcoming title.


What may sadden some gamers though, is that further down the replies of the previous tweet, Zampella confirmed that Titanfall on PC will require Origin and will not be available on Steam. While it's far from a game-breaking decision, some people can be ferociously loyal to their chosen gaming client and may take issue with this. For the rest, it just means that they'll have to click a different icon than they had originally anticipated.

Also included in the string of replies for the above tweet, an intrepid user posed the question of a possible Mac release for Titanfall. Despite having no plans for a PS4 release, an audible gasp must have permeated the conversation when Vince Zampella stated that Respawn Entertainment is "talking about it, [and] would like to see it happen. Would have to be after launch."

This may be the biggest surprise to come out of Zampella's Twitter feed today. The Mac is rarely viewed as a gaming-centric platform, so to hear that there's a better chance of seeing Titanfall on it than on the PS4 is enough to make almost anyone do a double-take. This can be seen as a significant victory for Mac users though, as this will no doubt lend a vast amount of credibility to the platform if a release ever sees the light of day.

Despite the Titanfall-centrc excitement that came as a product of his tweets today, Vince Zampella is also fearful of the game's launch. After the issues that Battlefield 4 faced at launch, it's no surprise that he wants to avoid these same pitfalls.


If what gamers have seen of the gameplay and the fact that it's making almost every "most anticipated games of 2014" list (including our own) is any indication, it doesn't look as though Zampella has anything to worry about. If issues arise during the beta in regards to stability, it will give the team at Respawn Entertainment time to suss them out and deliver a day one patch to solve them. Pre-order or not, gamers should be very very excited for Titanfall's release.

Are you surprised to hear that Titanfall may someday see a release on Mac? What do you think the restrictions of the upcoming beta will be?


Titanfall is prepared to drop March 11, 2014 for the PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Vince Zampella Twitter

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